July 12th, 2024

All Psyched Up: Growing strong

By Linda Hancock on June 15, 2024.

Just because I have four university degrees, people tend to think that I am smart and can do anything.

Not true!

I live in a community at the south end of Calgary called Westman Village. It is the only adult resort in Alberta and offers pretty much anything a person would ever need or want within walking distance.

Shortly after moving here in June 2021, I purchased a beautiful new Cadillac. My OnStar software application has had to remind me to start the car and let it run for a few minutes every once in awhile to charge the battery because I have less than 3200 kms on the odometer.

In the three years that I have owned the car, I have had only six tanks of gas – all of which have been filled by other people (usually grandchildren who don’t mind driving a Cadillac around for a while). I probably could figure out how to fill the tank and with what but just have never had to do so. (Don’t worry I have had the oil changed three times because that is recommended despite the mileage).

Usually, my grandchildren wash the vehicle for me but one day a few weeks ago, I decided that perhaps I should take advantage of the car wash in our parking garage and try it myself.

I drove into the bay and removed the wand from the wall. Unfortunately, the pressure was so low that I was having problems making any progress. Also, because of my recent escalator accident of a few weeks ago, I was having problems raising my arm high enough to spray the roof of the car.

A few minutes after starting the project, I noticed that a truck drove up behind me. Then another car arrived. I tried to look serious and focus on my task all the time knowing that I wasn’t doing a good job.

This continued until an older man got out of his truck, sauntered over and asked, “Would you like a hint?’ I eagerly agreed to his take his advice. He asked me to continue putting pressure on the trigger of the wand while he casually tapped his resident security fob against a senor on the wall. Immediately the water pressure increased to the point that I had trouble staying on my feet! (Too bad we don’t have a video of that one!)

Then the man asked, “Would you like another hint?” and I agreed. He went over to the wall and released a clamp that was holding most of the hose against the wall and said, “Now you can reach far enough to do the other side of the car.”

I guess I should have been embarrassed but instead I felt gratitude.

It didn’t take long for me to have the car shining clean and the relief that I felt in my arms and my emotions was welcomed. I reached into the trunk of the car and walked two of my autographed books over to the waiting drivers. The man who had helped said he didn’t need anything but gladly took the gift when I explained that I had written the book.

Many people would likely keep this story a secret because of shame. I am sharing it because I believe that at times most of us avoid doing things that would develop our skills and build our confidence.

I feel so proud of the fact that I can now wash my own car without help! This might sound rather juvenile but for me it is a great accomplishment!

How many times have you let other people do things for you just because you don’t think that you can do them? Is fear holding you back from even trying? Do you have secret dreams that you have been nurturing without taking any action?

The good news is that there are so many people and activities available to help you if you will just take a step forward, push your insecurity to the side, and be willing to learn.

My hope is that this story will encourage you to have an interesting week filled with new adventures! Because you can!

Dr. Linda Hancock, the author of “Life is An Adventure…every step of the way” and “Open for Business Success” is a Registered Psychologist who has a private practice in Medicine Hat. She can be reached at 403-529-6877 or through email office@drlindahancock.com

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