November 25th, 2020


Letters to the Editor

  • Stable bolted. Horse gone.

    Dear editor, As I write this letter it is Sunday Nov. 22, and the people of Alberta have learned of more than 1,500 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. I hope by Monday that Premier Jason Kenney will have abandoned his partisan indifference, step up and finally lead. He should not have [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Keeping it simple in difficult times

    Dear editor, In midst of the pandemic we have now tangible hope that the recent successful trials would lead to mass public vaccinations against COVID-19 over the next few months. Our community – especially small businesses, children, the elderly and vulnerable – have gone through a great deal of suffering over the last eight months. [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • The many reasons why I wear a mask

    I felt it was time to voice my pro mask stance. I wear a mask inside any businesses I enter. I do it for you…all of you. I wear a mask because I don’t want to be responsible for causing others to suffer. I wear a mask so I will be able to see my [...] Read More »

    6 days ago
  • Lest we fail to comprehend

    Dear editor, Lest we forget, the U.S. fought World War II over four years suffering about 405,000 military deaths. It has suffered, with no effective government response or defence under Donald Trump, more than 242,000 deaths from the pandemic in just eight months. And if excess and indirect deaths are counted, the U.S. pandemic death [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Wear a mask before it’s too late

    Dear editor, I am deeply troubled by the lack of action by Albertans and, on a local level, Hatters regarding COVID-19. I am one of three registered midwives in this city, and I care for some of the most vulnerable. It is an absolute joy to catch babies in this community, both in and out [...] Read More »

    1 week ago

Local Bloggers

  • Connie at the TWA Hotel at JFK

    Source: Editing Luke Connie at the TWA Hotel at JFK The beautifully restored Connie L-1649A is a 1958 Lockhead Constellation that serves as a cocktail bar at the TWA Hotel at JFK in New York City. In addition to the incredible architecture of the hotel inside the historic TWA Flight Center, the plane, surrounded by [...] Read More »

    6 days ago
  • The Broad Art Museum in Los Angeles, California

    Source: Editing Luke The Broad Art Museum in Los Angeles, California Opened in 2015, The Broad is a contemporary art gallery located in downtown Los Angeles, California next door to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Featuring a collection of over 2000 works, the museum houses pieces from artists like Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Roy [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • New York Public Library at Christmas

    Source: Editing Luke New York Public Library at Christmas Behind only the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library is the second largest public library in the United States. The Main Branch, located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, is an iconic structure that was made even more popular by blockbusters like Ghostbusters and The Day After [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • A Travel Shoot … in France … in a Pandemic

    Source: Editing Luke A Travel Shoot … in France … in a Pandemic With a few weeks back home in mandatory quarantine to reflect, I wanted to take a moment to record a few of the details (and challenges) behind my latest travel shoot in France in the midst of a global pandemic. I can’t [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Illinois

    Source: Editing Luke Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Illinois Located in Springfield, Illinois, the Lincoln Home National Historic Site is where Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd lived from 1844 until 1861 when Lincoln was elected and left this home to assume the role of President of the United States of America.The historic [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago


  • Business Beat: Businesses bracing for new enhanced public health measures

    Once again COVID 19 puts pressure on the Alberta economy, small business in particular. On Nov. 13, the Alberta government instituted targeted public health measures. Communities with more than 50 active cases per 100,000 people, became subject to enhanced public health measures to control the spread. Medicine Hat’s numbers have increased to 90+ (147/100,000) in [...] Read More »

    13 hours ago
  • Laying It Out: Show your value or be accused of abuse

    In a Postmedia article Thursday headlined “Audit demanded after more than 800,000 ineligible people get CERB,” Conservative MP Kelly McCauley demands an explanation for the “remarkable” $1.7-billion “cost to the taxpayer.” CERB was meant for tax filers who made $5,000 or more in 2019, and according to records from Canada Revenue, 823,850 people who hadn’t [...] Read More »

    5 days ago
  • National Affairs: Premiers accountable to voters, not PM

    With COVID-19 cases on the rise across much of the country, pressure is once again on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use the Emergencies Act to take full control of the management of the pandemic. But is the option really the silver bullet some of its proponents believe it is? Here are three reasons why [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Laying It Out: We can’t afford to add more stress; time to do our part

    I think Premier Jason Kenney is a poor leader whose ideological loyalty is going to leave Alberta scrambling for decades to regain respectability within this province, throughout this country and across this globe. But when he says it’s important that Alberta avoids a complete COVID lockdown, I couldn’t agree more. And when he suggests people [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • City Notebook: Will the city alter its stance on masks as cases spike? Ever since the spring, Medicine Hat’s top elected official has maintained that it’s not his job to determine health regulations, and that things seemed to be going well without local mask restrictions. Both have been technically correct, up until 3 p.m. on Friday. Without a confusing mashup of numbers, figures and long retelling of [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago

Ticked Off and Tickled Pink

  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink, Nov. 19

    Tickled Pink Bravo to a recent columnist for strongly encouraging residents to wear masks. Mask wearing when outside one’s home should be automatic like fastening seatbelts when getting into a car. Ticked Off Masks have been proven not to work. They are a giant petry dish and makes it spread quicker. Show us the data [...] Read More »

    7 days ago
  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink, Nov. 17

    Ticked Off Maybe I should get a ticket for not texting and driving, because I must be the only one not doing it. Everywhere you drive cars drift into your lane, at red lights they are so busy on the phone they don’t move. People who swerve across the highway look drunk, but are texting. [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink, Nov. 10

    Tickled Pink I’m tickled pink with the family that bought my dinner at a buffet restaurant on Halloween night. I’m 93 and have lived here for 20 years, and have never had such a kindness before. All the people in Medicine Hat should know we live in the best city with the best people in [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink, Nov. 3

    Tickled Pink When they finally finish blocking off Kipling Street. Tickled Pink Do what I do…start hoarding plastic straws and utensils now so when they become extinct, you still have a huge supply and don’t have to deal with those paper straws that turn to mush. Ticked Off With the UPC government cutting so many [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago
  • Ticked Off and Tickled Pink, Oct. 29

    Tickled Pink All you doubters who said there was no plan for health care. All the nurses and doctors can start their own clinics, and charge as much as the rich can afford. As for the rest of us, back to line-ups. At least the premier and his buddies on the high paying commissions can [...] Read More »

    4 weeks ago