October 19th, 2019

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mcranker@medicinehatnews.com@MHNmocranker Roughly 1,500 people from across the country will be travelling to Medicine Hat in 2022 for the Canadian Special Olympics. Special Olympics Canada announced Thursday that the city would be playing host to the 2022 summer games – calling it a near-perfect landing spot for the festivities. “Medicine Hat had a really, really strong

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  • Voters can still be register at their polling stations

    Even if you are not yet a registered voter you can still vote Monday in the federal election. Those who are eligible to vote can register at their polling station on Monday. You can find your polling station by going to the Elections Canada website and entering your postal code, or call 1-800-463-6868. Unregistered voters ... Read More »

    49 mins ago
  • Medicine Hat is bracing itself for a big week ahead

    cgallant@medicinehatnews.com@CollinGallant There are a few white-knuckle moments in the week ahead, and specifically for city accountants. The provincial budget and the federal election will potentially have big implications for the city’s capital construction program. The 2019-2022 local plan – passed just 10 months ago – calls for grants from “other levels of government” to do ... Read More »

    49 mins ago
  • With talk of a minority government, local candidates make final push

    cgallant@medicinehatnews.com@CollinGallant Dinner table discussions about Monday’s federal election could lead to gut-check moments for both voters and candidates next week. With polls tightening, pundits are discussing potential minority government scenarios, as well as the potential for strategic voting. In staunchly Conservative southeast Alberta, that likely means a minority of progressive voters deciding, but Conservative voters ... Read More »

    49 mins ago

Local Sports

  • Birdie a nice way to go out for Schultz but Rattlers far down leaderboard at golf nationals

    It was certainly a beautiful final day at Continental Golf Course near Montreal, and at least one of the Medicine Hat College Rattlers had a storybook finish. After the third round of nationals was rained out Thursday, the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association championship ended Friday with one Rattler in the top half of their respective ... Read More »

    49 mins ago
  • One for the mantle: Tigers rookie Dru Krebs playing beyond his years

    rmccracken@medicinehatnews.com@MHNMcCracken Dru Krebs made a memory he’ll never forget on Tuesday night at the Canalta Centre. The 16-year-old Medicine Hat Tigers defenceman netted the first goal of his Western Hockey League career in his 11th game on the ice with a well-placed wrist shot in a 3-1 victory over the Saskatoon Blades. Given the time ... Read More »

    49 mins ago
  • Vikings, Mohawks win semis

    rmccracken@medicinehatnews.com@MHNMcCracken The Crescent Heights Vikings believe they can slay the dragon.  After picking up a 21-7 victory over the McCoy-Eagle Butte Colts on Friday at the Methanex Bowl, the Vikings find themselves back in the Rangeland Football Conference final against the five-time reigning champion Hat High Mohawks. But Grade 12 defensive back Garrett Little isn’t ... Read More »

    49 mins ago

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  • What has political discourse in this province come to?

    jappel@medicinehatnews.com@MHNJeremyAppel Vote for who we tell you to, or we might separate. That is the petulant refrain of Alberta’s ruling class since it became evident that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is unlikely to form a majority government after Monday’s election. Barring a major upset, the seat tally will be either a plurality for the Conservatives ... Read More »

    49 mins ago
  • Guest Column: Corporate tax cut isn’t creating jobs

    sschmidt@medicinehatnews.com The first and really only thing anyone needs to understand about job creation is that it doesn’t exist – at least not in the way we’re being promised. The Job Creation Tax Cut – a 33% reduction in corporate taxation over four years – has been sold to Albertans as a means to more ... Read More »

    49 mins ago
  • Promises often forgotten after the votes are cast

    gslade@medicinehatnews.com@MHNGillianSlade A former president of the U.S. has now endorsed Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in this election, while promises from the leaders abound. Barack Obama has said how much he appreciates Trudeau and how much the world, not just Canada, needs his leadership now. There are some people who would call this political ... Read More »

    1 day ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Food bank’s plan for Central Park space doesn’t make sense

    The idea of turning Central Park School into an expanded food bank is an idea that is stupid beyond comprehension. I haven’t heard anything so dumb since our mayor told national media that Medicine Hat had become the first city to eliminate homelessness. Homelessness is in fact increasing in Medicine Hat because homeless persons, through ... Read More »

    49 mins ago
  • An aversion to evidence-based policy

    At the Oct. 2 federal election forum for the Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner riding Conservative incumbent Glen Motz stated “you can’t tax your way to a clean environment.” Do you agree with him? His statement is not correct, as proven by only a few examples, below. Firstly, Alberta has collected a government-imposed deposit on beverage containers since ... Read More »

    49 mins ago
  • False climate prophecies

    The biggest crisis facing the world is not climate change. It is the murder of millions of babies through abortion. I agree 100% with Richard Dietrich’s letter (“Adult manipulation and media sensationalism,” Oct. 11). The climate crisis is a manufactured crisis. The end of the world is not imminent. In 2008, Al Gore said, the ... Read More »

    1 day ago

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