September 20th, 2019

Featured Story The head of a company that currently picks up blue cart recycling in the City of Medicine Hat says he wishes the city well in its search for a lower cost option, adding however, that he still considers talks with the city ongoing. Danny Ardellini is the head of Environment 360 Services, also known

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Will Prime Minister’s ‘brownface’ scandal cost him the election?

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Local News

  • News seeking carriers for flyer routes

    The Medicine Hat News is looking to hire a number of carriers to deliver flyers around the city and in Redcliff. Right now the News is looking to fill spots on the Southeast Hill, Crescent Heights and Redcliff – routes vary in size and flyers are delivered directly to the carrier’s house. Circulation manager Alison ... Read More »

    9 hours ago
  • Project will reduce First Street access The city says access to First Street SW will be reduced as work on the water and sanitary sewer moves west from the beginning of next week. From Monday there will only be local access to a section of First Street SW for about seven weeks. This affects west of First Avenue to about ... Read More »

    9 hours ago
  • Brooks-to-Medicine Hat transit service will continue The City of Brooks says a transit service that began in February between that city and Medicine Hat is continuing. What began as a pilot project was made possible by a 2014 grant from the provincial government to supply regional transportation. There was slightly more than $56,000 left over, said Amy Rommens, manager of ... Read More »

    9 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Mohawks celebrate their history The Hat High Mohawks are celebrating the Rangeland Football Conference’s 40th season in style with some flashy new additions to their clubhouse. While they’ve been practising out of the clubhouse at Hat High for more than a season, head coach Quinn Skelton says they recently completed a few upgrades that help celebrate the decades ... Read More »

    9 hours ago
  • Coach back after birth of baby boy

    Francesco Cavicchia is the newest member of the Medicine Hat College Rattlers soccer teams, and also the youngest – by about 17 years. Head coach Robert Cavicchia had to fly home to Toronto last week when wife Pauline went into labour, missing the weekend’s games but adding a baby boy to the family instead. “They’re ... Read More »

    9 hours ago
  • Training Matters: “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing it!”

    Back to school, sports, and in general the routine that seems to shape the years from September to June. For all youth, it’s a time of transitioning back to earlier bedtimes, earlier wake-ups, and long hours spent in a classroom. Missing the summer sun and the fun that came with it. Yet it is also ... Read More »

    9 hours ago

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  • MLA Report: Few can compare to Thatcher on handling a struggling economy

    Despite our best efforts, the world’s economic market has never been easy to manage or influence. During times of economic hardship, it has often been the first instinct of a government to exert more control over the marketplace rather than trusting what Adam Smith’s economic theories referred to as the “Law of Supply and Demand.” ... Read More »

    9 hours ago
  • It’s not the end, but an evolution Much has been written about the City of Medicine Hat’s decision to permanently close in 2,000 uneconomical gas wells, and make no mistake, there’s much more to be discussed and decided. Hatters may need time to digest, even come to grips with, shutting down of a substantial portion, in fact almost all, of the ... Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Guest Column: The City of Medicine Hat’s ‘business’ is every resident’s business

    Re: “We have a right to clear answers from councillors, bureaucrats,” Sept. 7 I take Mark Oxamitny’s letter as a challenge to share what I learned from two terms on city council. First, the Ernst and Young recommendation to sell Natural Gas & Petroleum Resources came prior to my first term on council. The billion ... Read More »

    2 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • MLA’s flawed argument made before by some on Alberta’s political right

    Re: “MLA Report: Alberta deserves a fair deal,” Aug. 30 Brooks-Medicine Hat MLA Michaela Glasgo tells us that “Through federal taxation, Albertans have contributed over $620 billion to the federation since 1957.” I will accept that number as accurate, even though Glasgo does not tell us its source. I do submit, however, that the figure ... Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Faith community helps reader push through

    I spend a lot of time in community in various different non-profit organizations. They are very diverse ranging from mental health to a theatre group. My most important community is my faith community. One of the most important dates of the year is when we share worship with St. Ambrose Anglican Church in Redcliff. Their ... Read More »

    1 week ago
  • A different tax plan to stimulate the economy

    The United Conservative government should not lower the corporate tax rate, hoping to stimulate the economy that way. It should instead give corporate tax reductions to the rich. Why not give a $1.50 tax break for each dollar invested in specific industries. This would encourage investment where we need it. Reducing the corporate tax simply ... Read More »

    1 week ago

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