September 30th, 2020


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  • Shawn Mendes drops clues for his fans as he announces new album and single “Wonder”

    TORONTO – Shawn Mendes has locked in a date for “Wonder,” the title of his new single and upcoming fourth studio album. The pop singer from Pickering, Ont. unveiled the early details of the next chapter in his music career, sharing a fantastical promotional trailer. The cinematic scene opens as the camera drifts into an [...] Read More »

    6 hours ago
  • Google unveils latest Pixel phone, rolls out new TV service

    SAN RAMON, Calif. – Google will try to make a bigger splash in the smartphone market with a cheaper high-end model while it also aims to expand its presence on bigger screens with a new TV service. The products unveiled Wednesday focus on two areas where Google has struggled to make significant inroads. Google also [...] Read More »

    8 hours ago
  • Debate commission says it will make changes to format

    NEW YORK – The presidential debate commission says it will soon adopt changes to its format to avoid a repeat of the disjointed first meeting between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. The commission said Wednesday the debate “made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to [...] Read More »

    9 hours ago
  • Argentine cartoonist Quino, creator of ‘Mafalda’ comic, dies

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Joaquín Salvador Lavado, an Argentine cartoonist better known as “Quino? whose satirical comic strip about a socially conscious girl named Mafalda with a loathing for soup,found fans across Latin America, Europe and beyond, died on Wednesday at the age of 88. Quino’s “Mafalda? comic strip was first published in 1964 and [...] Read More »

    9 hours ago
  • Actors in drag march to highlight virus threat to UK theatre

    LONDON – As much of Britain’s economy emerged from the coronavirus lockdown, its theatres stayed dark, with performers and staff unwillingly idled. So they made a song and dance about it. Scores of actors, technicians and theatre workers led by pantomime “Dames” – male actors in fabulously eccentric drag — marched through London’s West End [...] Read More »

    9 hours ago

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