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Eye on the Esplanade: To answer your question…

By SANDI REIMER on January 27, 2023.

As Event Services Coordinator for the Community Development Department, I’m sometimes asked what I do. My main role is managing rentals at our facilities. At the Esplanade I book meeting rooms, theatre rental shows, children’s birthday parties and weddings. At the Cultural Centre I book the city’s rooms for non-profit organizations such as studio space for The Hat Art Club, The Medicine Hat Fibre Arts Society, and Medicine Hat Potters Association while Medicine Hat College manages the rest of the facility. I also book Lighting for a Cause at the Saamis Tepee and rental events at Co-op Place other than ice rentals, which are managed by the Parks and Recreation Department.

A common question I’m asked is, what’s the difference between a rental show and a show presented by the city at the Esplanade or Co-op Place? Shows are chosen and booked to be presented by the entertainment and events coordinator for a number of reasons; because a show is appealing to our community, touring our area, affordable for our market or they may be a good fit with grant funding we have. For a rental, a promoter will book the theatre for a show they are touring and pay rent and other fees related to their booking. Both show types sell tickets through, so from a public perspective, there is little-to-no difference between a rental and presented show.

A new addition to our rentals portfolio is Town Square. I receive plenty of questions about how to book these new market pods and the canopy area. The pods, made up of eight sea cans can be booked online as a temporary retail space to attract visitors and support local shopping.

Weddings and other special events raise the most questions because each one is unique. From choosing the venue space, times and set-up to guest list, catering and program, a special event must be planned in detail. In order to better help answer some on the common questions we receive about special events, we’ve posted a Social Event FAQ sheet at If you are ready to book or still have questions about renting a venue, send me an email at

Sandi Reimer is Event Services Coordinator with the Community Development Department

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