June 15th, 2021



  • Business Beat: City now accepting applications for 2021 Development Incentive Program

    Invest Medicine Hat and the City of Medicine Hat are now accepting applications for the 2021 development incentive program. The City of Medicine Hat encourages development and redevelopment in the City and incentives are an effective way to stimulate investment and support desirable economic growth that would have not otherwise occurred. City council approved a [...] Read More »

    3 months ago
  • Business Beat: A year in review

    2020 was a challenging year. In Alberta, the initial shock of the global pandemic was amplified by an oil price war, resulting in an unprecedented recession that hit Alberta especially hard. It was, in the words of Alberta’s finance minister, Travis Toews, a “triple black swan event”. Through it all, Invest Medicine Hat rose to [...] Read More »

    4 months ago
  • Business Beat: MHC leads in blended trades and technology programs

    Back in March when the educational world moved online, many thought trades would not be able to make the transition. With its blend of theory and hands-on training, it seemed like an insurmountable task to join the rest of academia in the great educational pivot. Many also worried that students who pursued a career in [...] Read More »

    5 months ago
  • Your Money: Pension income splitting

    In Canada, we have a graduated income tax system, which means that taxpayers who earn more income are subject to progressively higher rates of tax on incremental dollars earned. To minimize the overall tax liability for a couple, spouses may elect to split their pension income by allocating certain pension income from a higher-income spouse [...] Read More »

    6 months ago
  • Insurance Understood: Don’t make assumptions, plan ahead

    This past week, a relative asked my family and I to go on a walk in a local park. This seemed like a safe activity given the pandemic protocols recently introduced in Alberta. Well, as we were driving there, my wife and I realized that we were not 100 per cent sure of the protocols [...] Read More »

    6 months ago


  • From Our Table: Food benefits go beyond nutrition

    March is Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is More Than Food. Dietitians across the country want Canadians to know that healthy eating goes way beyond just food. It extends to eating together, cooking delicious home made meals, generational cooking skills and mindful eating. Dietitians love food and the science behind it. We are passionate [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • From Our Table: Eat foods rich in nutrients for heart health

    Not only is February the lucky month to host Valentines Day, it’s also the designated month for Heart Health Awareness. This is an extremely important area of our health to keep on top of. That old saying is true, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Both diet and exercise play key [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • From Our Table: Love is in the air and in this chocolate cake

    Friday is Valentine’s Day and the red, pink, hearts and Cupids are in full force. There are also a little extra chocolate treats to tempt tastebuds throughout many stores. Chocolate is a deliciously decadent treat that, like many foods, does actually have a healthy component as well as less healthy ingredients. I might mention moderation [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • From Our Table: Turn up the heat to avoid food poisoning

    I know this is a food column but I’m going to share a little story with you that is not so appetizing. In fact, here’s a warning: This column may contain content some might find culinarily offensive. A few years ago I was out at a local restaurant. My succulent Caesar salad topped with grilled [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • From Our Table: Set a goal to lose weight? Four factors to feeling full without overeating

    The most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. This goal often comes along with that nasty word associated with dieting – deprivation. Losing weight should be about wanting to be permanently healthier. It means finding positive lifestyle changes you can live with forever. It should not be temporary. It should not eliminate entire [...] Read More »

    1 year ago


  • All Psyched Up: Putting things in order

    December is usually a very busy month for me, but this year was probably the craziest yet! The fact that I have been working from home for nine months meant a lot of changes. My dining room table has become my office centre and each chair has specific filing bins with forms that I use. [...] Read More »

    5 months ago
  • Common Sense Health: It takes guts to have good health

    Why is it that some people eat to their heart’s content and never gain a pound, while others gain weight with a glance at the plate? As Bill Gates said, “Life is not fair. Get used to it.” But fair or unfair, is there a complex, unseen system that plays a role in weight management [...] Read More »

    5 months ago
  • What’s Up Doc?: How to lose weight during the pandemic

    Are you overweight or obese? Easy way to find out is by measuring your height and girth. Your girth should be half the size of your height. Studies have shown obesity is a significant factor for critical illness during COVID-19. Obesity was also an important factor for mortality in patients with COVID-19. This is most [...] Read More »

    7 months ago
  • No Nonsense Health: Are we drinking too much chardonnay?

    Winston Churchill, Great Britain’s wartime Prime Minister, once remarked that, “he had gotten more out of alcohol than alcohol had taken out of him.” During the Nazi bombing of London perhaps an alcoholic drink eased his tension. But recent reports from Tufts University in Boston and the University of California, question the increased use of [...] Read More »

    8 months ago
  • Viva Vitality: Keep your children safe while en route

    October is Occupant Restraint Month, and with many sports such as hockey returning this season, safety guidelines have been developed to help prevent the risk of COVID-19 transmission. To save time, space, and be prepared, some parents may be dressing their children in their gear at home ahead of time. Although this may seem like [...] Read More »

    8 months ago

Local Life

  • All Psyched Up: Financial times

    Lately I have been noticing and studying the many changes in the world of finance. Let’s go back to the beginning of time. I imagine that long before money was used, humans figured out a way to exchange goods and services. Perhaps they used shells or feathers or other things in nature to keep track [...] Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Science Smarts: Get ready for some math magic

    This week, I am venturing out a little bit. I am embracing STEM. If you do not know what STEM stands for, it is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. At Praxis we like to embrace STEM and show you each and every week in this article a bit about it. Unfortunately, I [...] Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Eye on the Esplanade: So many stories, so little time

    Do you know anyone who does needlework? Perhaps a grandmother or great aunt? Maybe you remember their hands were always busy while watching TV or at family gatherings. Have you looked at what they did? Have you appreciated the complexity of the images, the skill involved, and steady hand it requires? Now imagine someone dedicating [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Common Sense Health: Are you taking too much medication?

    Many diseases can be effectively managed thanks to therapeutic treatments involving pharmaceutical drugs. But have we gone too far in popping pills for every ache? Or even for serious health conditions, has your doctor put as much thought into how to get you off prescription medications as has gone into putting you on them? The [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Parks and Recreation: Wild Weed West

    With gardening season arrives weeding season, demanding extra time in the garden pulling greenery. If weeds were humans, we might admire them for thriving in undesirable circumstances, successfully adapting to new scenarios, and for generally being very attractive. However as they are plants, these qualities can be problematic for the native plants competing for space [...] Read More »

    7 days ago


  • Bajan beauty abounds

    The Bajan Queen partied too hard. And now she’s at rest on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. But, all is good. This 45-metre tugboat, which toiled for years at the port in Bridgetown, Barbados and finished out her above-water life as a tourist-party boat, was sunk deliberately in Carlisle Bay in 2001. Now, in [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • Appetite growing for Indigenous tourism

    Now is the time for Indigenous tourism in Canada. The Canadian public seems to have suddenly cultivated an appetite for Indigenous tourism and the industry is initiating programmes and itineraries highlighting different aspects of Indigenous tourism. The Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria has been fortunate to hire a First Nation Cultural Liaison Officer who has [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • A perfect day of rain in New Zealand

    At first, the rain is barely a mist on my face. Feather-soft and refreshing, the tiny droplets have somehow navigated their way through the thick canopy of trees, massive ferns and vines. Before long, the precipitation is a steady drizzle, which quickly morphs into a savage downpour. I pull up the hood on my rain [...] Read More »

    1 year ago
  • Your Travels: Beautiful Santorini deserves its reputation

    Santorini (Santa Irena, Saint Irene) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. It is the southerly-most island of the Cyclades Islands of Greece in the Ionian Sea. The island is roughly the shape of a reverse C, the remnant of an enormous volcanic eruption in the mid-16th century BC. The Minoan Eruption [...] Read More »

    2 years ago
  • Hockey in the palm trees

    As we emerge from the urban, palm tree forest, there it is. The 17,500-seat SAP Centre, a silver-sided edifice better known as the Shark Tank, is the home rink of the National Hockey League’s San Jose Sharks. This is definitely going to be NHL hockey, California-style. Me and my son, Alex, have walked three blocks [...] Read More »

    2 years ago