December 12th, 2018



  • Business Beat: Free session regarding Canada’s Digital Privacy Act (DPA) for small business

    When the federal government initiates new legislation that affects small businesses it can sometimes be frustrating to get to know everything that you ought to know. APEX Alberta is here to help. On Dec. 14, Sarah Bowman, partner at Bolton Bishop Bowman law firm in Medicine Hat, will be our special event guest to present [...] Read More »

    7 days ago
  • Business Beat: Celebrating the Chamber’s legacy

    The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce hosted its Presidents’ reception last night in order to recognize our members and those who have been involved in our Chamber over the years. As we look at the amazing contributions of both members and directors over the years, we recognize that we have inherited a rich [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Business Beat: A busy year has Hat business community feeling optimistic

    Now that Small Business Month has come and gone, and as 2018 winds to a close, it seems like a good opportunity to present some of Medicine Hat’s top small business investment stories from 2018. In Medicine Hat, a steady economy has prompted small businesses to invest in real estate, retail, services and manufacturing. The [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago
  • Business Beat: Defining your value prop

    Providing value to your customer is everything in business. Most small business owners believe that the value they provide to their customers is the products and services they deliver. In fact, a well-defined value proposition outlines to the customer how the company’s products and services solves a problem and improves their daily life. A value [...] Read More »

    4 weeks ago
  • Business Beat: Third Emerging Industries session later this month

    On Nov. 29, APEX Alberta, with the support of Alberta Labour, will be hosting a full day session at the Medicine Hat College. This session is the final of a three-part series entitled “Emerging Industries & The Future of Work.” Each session has been designed to help increase awareness and knowledge of emerging industries developing [...] Read More »

    1 month ago


  • From Our Table: Top tips for the Christmas holiday party season

    Nutritional survival during the Christmas and holiday season can be a real challenge. There is such a wide variety of tempting treats that can be high in fat and sugar and likely to contribute to a few extra party pounds. Here are some top tips to help you navigate your way through even the most [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • From Our Table: It’s Grey Cup time, let’s party

    This Sunday is the 106th Grey Cup Game, the ultimate prize in the Canadian Football League. It’s set to take place in our very own province of Alberta, Edmonton to be exact. I see it’s only going to be around -5 C and shouldn’t be too much snow since temperatures are above zero all week. [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago
  • From Our Table: The facts on fats

    Fat in our diets has tended to get a really bad rap. Fat is actually one of the six essential nutrients, along with water, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and fat. As with any food or nutrient it is possible to get too much, even of an essential part of a healthy diet. Let’s take a [...] Read More »

    1 month ago
  • From Our Table: Pumpkin pecan cheesecake sure to be a fall fave

    We are well into October with a beautiful fall and Halloween quickly approaching. It’s the time to put out pumpkins decorated with funny, scary or beautiful faces. Remember if you decorate your pumpkin with markers on the outside or carve them but don’t put a candle inside you can use them to make pumpkin puree [...] Read More »

    2 months ago
  • From Our Table: The turkey two cup

    I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and of course food. Lots and lots of fabulous food. And now I hope you have lots of stretchy pants handy to help in your recovery this week. As I’ve mentioned before I always strive for lots of leftovers at Thanksgiving but rarely am [...] Read More »

    2 months ago


  • To Your Health:Drawing out your brain’s memory capabilities

    The benefits of stimulating your brain by doing things like crossword puzzles and Sudoku have long been recognized as beneficial cognitively but now the University of Waterloo has research to show drawing may be even better. Don’t worry if you are not artistically inclined; that does not appear to impact the benefits at all. “We [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Doctor Game: Low-intensity laser therapy for bruised brains

    How far have we come since Egyptians drilled holes in the skull in an attempt to cure a variety of diseases? We’ve seen tremendous advances in brain surgery. But relatively little progress in how to treat concussion. Basically, medical advice has been to rest while waiting for the brain to recover. But research now shows [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Doctor Game: Remedies to prevent arterial calcification, death from AAA

    Ask anyone about AAA and they will immediately think of the American Automobile Association. But in this case it stands for abdominal aortic aneurysm. Sir William Osler once remarked, “There is no disease more conducive to clinical humility than aneurysm of the aorta.” He could have added that it’s a lethal disease, so prevention is [...] Read More »

    1 week ago
  • Doctor Game: What can a psychiatrist tell us about vitamin D?

    Winter’s coming, so how much vitamin D do we need? How much time do you have to spend in the sunlight to obtain adequate amounts? How does obesity affect the dosage? How many diseases can be prevented by adequate amounts of this vitamin? And what can a psychiatrist tell us about this vital vitamin? Years [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Doctor Game: Ovarian cancer, the one that whispers

    What couldn’t I believe? Discovering that it’s been 42 years since I last wrote about ovarian cancer! During my time as a surgeon, what was my primary concern about this malignancy? And what has happened in the last four decades to bring hope to those diagnosed with this disease? Ovarian cancer is the third most [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago

Local Life

  • What’s Up Doc?: Regular exercise can relieve symptoms of chronic conditions

    There is one drug that can be free, safe and readily accessible. It is called exercise. Every person should be encouraged to take this drug to be happy and healthy. That is the message in an article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (Prescribing exercise interventions for patients with chronic conditions, CMAJApril 19 2016) [...] Read More »

    20 hours ago
  • Clubs Calendar Dec. 10-16

    MONDAY — Do you have a drinking problem? Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held seven days a week in Medicine Hat. For times and locations, call 403-527-2065. — Moms’ Walking Group, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m., meet in Mall Food Court in front of A&W. Walk, then have coffee. — TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) 5:30 p.m., [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Buds and Blooms: The Christmas tree

    For millions of homes worldwide the Christmas tree is a tradition that owes its popularity in part to a popular British queen. Back in the day so many ways of decorating from nuts, berries, apples, popcorn and then electricity brought about lights. Making the Christmas tree glow in clear or multi coloured lights for days [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Financial Focus: Year-end tax planning tips

    As the year-end approaches your thoughts may be somewhere other than taxes. To be fair, perhaps tax planning doesn’t rank that high on your list of priorities; but changes in provincial and federal governments have also changed tax policies that may affect you. By taking a few minutes to review your financial affairs before the [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • An evening of choirs and carols on Sunday

    Medicine Hat News Choirs and musicians from across the city and Redcliff will come together for Carolfest this weekend. The Sunday, 7 p.m. performance will feature choirs from St. John’s Presbyterian, Unity and Victory Lutheran, Gordon Memorial and Fifth Avenue Memorial United and the Veiner Centre. The TarTones, Ella Hoffarth, Josie Hoffarth, Expandable Brass, Murray [...] Read More »

    4 days ago


  • Your Travels: Marvelous Moraine Lake

    Leslie Maltin This past September I headed for a visit to Moraine Lake. If you’re not familiar with Moraine Lake, it’s a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park, 14 kilometres outside the Village of Lake Louise. It is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of approximately 6,183 feet (1,885 [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Your Travels: California’s Italian Riviera is in Sausalito

    Ernest Fode Arriving by ferry at the Sausalito Harbor, the waterfront and hillside homes reminded me of a village on the Italian Riviera shown in pictures one would see in glossy travel magazines. Since I had a few days remaining on my recent summer road trip through Nevada and California, upon arriving in San Francisco [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Vivo Resort: Albertans’ home away from home

    Mansoor Ladha Special to the News Vivo Resort in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, on the southern tip of Mexico, is a home away from home for hundreds of winter-weary Albertans who have been patronizing it while fleeing from the province’s harsh winters in search of sun-soaked part of the world. This is undoubtedly, a hidden jewel [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Your Travels: The ghosts are calling in Rowley

    Leslie Maltin Less than a year before the new millennium, the last train passed through Rowley. And now the Alberta prairie town’s future may once more belong to the ghosts. In the mid-1970s, Rowley, which once boasted a population of about 500 in the 1920s, was a beat-up dying community, with rows of empty houses [...] Read More »

    4 weeks ago
  • The endlessly exotic Seychelles

    Steve MacNaull Special to the News Tyson stretches his wrinkly, 120-year-old neck as an invitation to stroke it. It feels much like it looks: dry and leathery, yet utterly wonderful. Tyson is a rare Aldabra giant land tortoise and my wife, Kerry, and I are meeting this gentle giant in his natural habitat, the endlessly [...] Read More »

    1 month ago