July 22nd, 2018



  • Business Beat: Stand out in business and beat the competition

    Success takes work. You do not make it to the top without doing what others will not. This is true in life, and especially accurate in business. Taking a proactive approach and expecting more of yourself everyday does take effort, strategy and discipline; however, in the end it will save you time, make you money [...] Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Business Beat: Death by 130,000 cuts

    While there is no measure of the total number of regulations across all levels of government faced by Canadian businesses, there are figures that help illustrate the extent of regulation in the economy. In 2015, the federal government reported that there are 131,754 federal requirements that impose an administrative burden on businesses. This is an [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Business Beat: Business model canvas explained

    Writing a business plan can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, writing a solid plan can be a fun collaborative process that helps entrepreneurs save time, improve team collaboration, and look deeply at the integral pieces of any new product or business venture. The business model canvas, [...] Read More »

    4 weeks ago
  • Business Beat: Thirty years in business

    Community Futures Entre-Corp in Medicine Hat is celebrating 30 years of business. During this time, we have helped more than 1,200 small businesses get started in southeast Alberta by helping entrepreneurs access approximately $32 million in loans, leveraging another $28 million, creating or maintaining another 3,452 jobs in the region. We have helped train thousands [...] Read More »

    1 month ago
  • Business Beat: Why your Assessment Request for Information form is important

    In order to prepare an estimated value of your property an assessor needs to know about the physical characteristics and condition of each property. Providing this information is important, as this data is used to prepare not only your assessment, but the assessment of other properties throughout the city using a mass appraisal process. A [...] Read More »

    1 month ago


  • From Our Table: Beat the heat with summer salads

    Beat the heat and enjoy delicious, nutritious summer veggies. Here are a few ideas to bump up your veggie vitamins this summer and stay cool. * Buy a wide variety of vegetables then wash them and cut them up right away so they are ready to grab and go, eat for meals and super snacks. [...] Read More »

    5 days ago
  • From Our Table: Summertime sizzles with the perfect picnic

    Oh I love summer! I think I’ve started saying that several times a day for the past few weeks. I love the colours, the smells, the heat, the bright blue sky, the fresh veggies and fruits growing, the birds singing, picnics — just everything. Maybe it’s even more precious this year after such a long [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago
  • From Our Table: Ripe and ready radishes

    Deliciously crisp ruby red radishes are abundantly available this time of year. There is just nothing like the first fresh veggies grown in the spring. Radishes are easy to grow on your own or readily available at the local farmers’ markets. They are also in some grocery stores but be sure to check the package [...] Read More »

    1 month ago
  • From Our Table: Ready for rhubarb

    Ripe ruby red rhubarb is ready! This very undemanding perennial, which means it grows back on its own every year, is extremely easy to grow. If I asked you whether it is a fruit or a vegetable I’m guessing most would respond fruit, likely because most rhubarb recipes are for desserts. Who makes desserts out [...] Read More »

    2 months ago
  • From Our Table: Rocking recipe reading

    Reading recipes can sometimes be a bit of a challenge depending on how they are written. They basically have their own language. A well-written recipe gives you good guidance towards putting a recipe together with successful succulent results. Here are some savvy tips to help you out courtesy of “Dietitians of Canada- Cook!” Book. 1. [...] Read More »

    2 months ago


  • To Your Health: Sugar could be stopping your sweet sleep

    There are a range of possible reasons for not sleeping well and/or not falling asleep but there is one that we don’t often think of. Sugar. It is certainly not something I’d ever thought of until the day after struggling to get to sleep. By chance I heard an expert talking about her sleep being [...] Read More »

    6 days ago
  • Doctor Game: Doug Ford is dead right, injection sites are dead wrong

    Not all the lunatics are in the asylum. Why? Because federal prison officials are providing needles to prisoners so they can inject themselves with illegal drugs. Now, Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, is being criticized for damning the use of injection sites in prison and in Canadian cities. Condoning drug use is the most illogical [...] Read More »

    6 days ago
  • Doctor Game: Why did Anthony Bourdain commit suicide?

    Albert Camus, the French humanist, wrote, “There is only one true philosophical problem and that is suicide. Judging whether life is worth living amounts to answering the fundamental question of philosophy.” Pliny the Elder had said earlier, “Admit the miseries of our life on earth, suicide is God’s best gift to man.” But what prompted [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • To Your Health: Rise early, stay hydrated to beat the heat

    A heat wave without air conditioning does not have to be unbearable. Even though you may not have to work in the sun it pays to get up earlier than you normally do and accomplish the tasks around your home before temperatures start to climb. The coolest time of the day is in the very [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Doctor Game: The greatest threat to your life — clot

    Ask anyone, “What’s the greatest medical risk of dying?” and they’ll answer “Heart attack.” The correct answer is a blood clot (Thrombosis) that occurs in the heart, brain or legs. Now, a shocking report in the health publication, “LifeExtension,” shows what can happen to our legs when we’re flying at 35,000 feet. So with an [...] Read More »

    3 weeks ago

Local Life

  • Legal Briefs: USAs are unanimously a good idea

    Last month my associate Hilary Pritchard wrote a great column that highlighted the function of unanimous shareholder’s agreements (USAs) for businesses. I think it is helpful to examine some of the main scenarios where USAs can provide solutions which are preferable over going through the court system. Consider the following issues: 1.) The Minority Shareholder [...] Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • Praxis: Slushy science

    WOW! It has been a hot couple of weeks here in southeastern Alberta. I have to commend the people that work outside in such extreme temperatures. Next time you see a firefighter, policeman, construction worker, farmer or rancher (not to mention MANY more professionals), take a minute to say thank you for all they do. [...] Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • Raising money smart kids

    Whether it’s teaching them the value of a dollar or helping their future financial independence, many parents strive to teach their children how to make sound financial decisions. It’s never too late or too early to introduce positive spending, saving and borrowing habits that can help ensure a lifetime of financial confidence. Your involvement is [...] Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • Feel fresh with healthy summer eats

    Summer in Alberta comes with its own menu. Corn on the cob, burgers on the barbecue, treats from food stalls at the midway, fresh raspberries. It’s all part of the summer experience in our province. Make the most of your summer and feel your best by keeping these healthy tips in mind. Are you going [...] Read More »

    2 days ago
  • All Psyched Up: Find freedom by living without labels

    When I moved to Medicine Hat, I didn’t know anyone, and people didn’t know me. I would watch local TV and read the local newspaper on a regular basis so had a fair idea about the city and some it citizens. I remember purchasing one ticket for a concert that was being held at the [...] Read More »

    2 days ago


  • Indigenous tourism booming in B.C.

    Mansoor Ladha Special to the News Leslie McGarry represents five generations of her family passionate about bringing cultural awareness and promoting her heritage. Her legacy began with her great, great grandfather, George Hunt who worked with anthropologist, Franz Boaz to record the cultural heritage and practices of her people, Kwakwaka’wakw. Her credentials even go further [...] Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • All aboard the Marrakech Express

    Steve MacNaull Special to the News With a psychedelic pop soundtrack playing in our heads, my wife and I board the train to Marrakech in Casablanca. In three-and-a-half hours we’ll see if Morocco’s interior oasis city lives up to the melodic promises made famous by Crosby, Stills and Nash in the 1969 hit “Marrakech Express.” [...] Read More »

    2 weeks ago
  • Vibrant Victoria spreads royal carpet to visitors

    Mansoor Ladha Special to the News As someone born on an exotic island, Zanzibar, Tanzania, a visit to Victoria, British Columbia, an island city, has brought lots of memories and fascinated me with plenty of similarities during a recent visit. Described as “very British,” it specializes in royal glamour and English charm, combined with seafront [...] Read More »

    4 weeks ago
  • A brew-haha in Sacramento

    Steve MacNaull Special to the News It’s a most undignified way to roll up to former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favourite restaurant. We arrive at Lucca, in Sacramento’s leafy Midtown, hooting and hollering on one of those 15-person party bikes that resembles a bar on wheels. Usually, Sac Brew Bike’s tours hit rambunctious pubs. But, [...] Read More »

    1 month ago
  • Shuswap Lake in B.C.’s southern interior is the houseboating capital of Canada

    Steve MacNaull Special to the News Sometime between being shot out of the waterslide like a cannon ball and jumping off the top deck into shimmering Shuswap Lake, we declare houseboating our new favourite way to vacation. But, of course, there will also be simple lounging in the sunshine, awe-inspiring vistas around every bend, soaking [...] Read More »

    2 months ago