April 16th, 2024

By The Way: Embrace the principle of life

By Medicine Hat News on March 16, 2024.

Are you already getting the “gardening bug”?

This time of year I am reminded of a universal principle that we observe every spring, “unless a seed is planted (dies) it remains alone; if it dies it bears much fruit.”

Think about a seed planted 100 years ago, which has led to countless numbers of plants and seeds over the subsequent years; and a seed carefully preserved (kept safe and intact) for 100 years. (On which side of this equation is life & growth? Towards which side are you attracted?)

And yet, as a society we seem to have forgotten this universal principle, as we, as identifiable groups or individuals, focus our energies on an ever narrower set of goals and ambitions, thoughts and ideas.

One contributing factor to the growing polarization in our world and our seeming inability to have civil conversations and constructive disagreements on a growing number of topics and issues is our focus (our demand) for what we want, for our “rights.”

And yet, the principle of growth is: life comes from death. Ironically, those who seek to protect and embellish their rights are in real danger of loosing their rights, at least in part because they destroy the very basis for these rights.

The change has to start somewhere.

Instead of playing the game of mudslinging and fearfully protecting our own interests, where do we find the wisdom and courage, the strength and love, to lay down our own rights for the wellbeing and health of our community, our province, our country, our world? (Remember that one seed that became too many to number!)

The change has to start somewhere, and I would encourage you to look at the best and most gracious, the respectful and thoughtful, responses and engagements with the topics and issues of the day and use them as your model, instead of the often knee-jerk reaction to the bullying and caricatures that parade as public and political discourse.

Embrace the principle of life and be the change you want to see!

Oz Lorentzen is the pastor at St. Barnabas Anglican Church

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