May 26th, 2024

In Commission: Medicine Hat Police Commission welcomes two newest members

By MH Police Commission on February 20, 2024.

Medicine Hat Police Commission members are, from left, Coun. Robert Dumanowski, Gwendoline Dirk, Paul Carolan, Coun. Darren Hirsch, Elenor Robles, chair Marco Jansen, vice-chair Sarah Scahill, Miles Johnson, Ken Serr and public complaints director Greg Keen.--SUBMITTED PHOTO

The Medicine Hat Police Commission, a vital body overseeing law enforcement in our community, welcomed two new members last month.

As per the Alberta Police Act, the commission is tasked with crucial responsibilities including fund allocation, policy establishment and ensuring effective policing. The commission also oversees the appointment and evaluation of the chief of police, handles public complaints and upholds standards of accountability and transparency.

The recent appointments bring fresh perspectives to the commission, enriching its ability to serve the community.

Current commission members are: chair Marco Jansen and vice-chair Sarah Scahill, alongside commissioners Gwendoline Dirk, Miles Johnson, Elenor Robles, Ken Serr, and Paul Carolan. Couns. Darren Hirsch and Robert Dumanowski represent city council, while Greg Keen serves as the public complaints director. You can find biographies of each member on the MHPC website.

“We are very committed to providing prudent and effective oversight and governance of our police service,” says chair Marco Jansen. “We are here to represent our entire community and their ideas and concerns about policing in our city.”

With the influx of applications for commission positions each year, city council faces the challenging task of selecting candidates best suited to uphold the commission’s responsibilities. Every year sees many applicants vying for the vacant positions, reflecting the community’s keen interest in police oversight.

To foster transparency and engagement, the commission holds open meetings on the third Wednesday of every month. Citizens are encouraged to attend, listen to updates from the police executive team and interact with chief Alan Murphy and Insps. Brent Secondiak and Joe West. Those wishing to speak or pose questions during these meetings can find guidelines on the commission’s website,

Chair Jansen invites residents to share their feedback, questions, or suggestions for future initiatives. He can be reached via email at or by phone at (403) 502-8908.

As the Medicine Hat Police Commission continues its commitment to efficient and accountable policing, the community’s active involvement remains integral to its success. Together, we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

This column is contributed monthly by members of the Medicine Hat Police Commission

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