April 20th, 2021

Parks and Recreation: Spring into action this season

By Keziah Lesko-Gosselin on April 6, 2021.

Along with sunnier and warmer days, April’s arrival signals opportunities get outside and engage with nature and the world around you.

Earth Day, happening April 22, is a good reminder to consider actions that will help the environment and our community.

Just as it is important to maintain a house, the planet we live on must be taken care of as well. From clean air to flood protection and food provision, to historical interpretation, the natural ecosystems in our communities provide us with countless benefits. Protecting these areas will allow us to continue living comfortably.

Preserving public lands and parks is an important element of environmental stewardship. These areas are essential to habitat conservation and natural resource protection. Parks also define areas for nature to simply do its thing; trees cannot grow in the middle of a paved parking lot. Nature conservation is integral to maintaining a sustainable world for today and for the future.

Speaking of sustainability, what is it? Sustainability means balancing our needs and those of future generations by making decisions that can be supported long-term. Helping parks by recreating responsibly and leaving places the way you found them or better, will help these areas thrive. At home, you can help by conserving energy and water use, as these services need natural resources to work. Simple actions like gardening with native plants that require less water, taking a shorter shower, or turning lights off when not in use can contribute immensely to the community and the future.

While Earth Day’s primary focus is environmental stewardship, it can also be a signal to join forces, network or just have fun with other people. Social sustainability includes working with others to increase community health and wellbeing. Acts like volunteering with Parks and Recreation, supporting local businesses, or participating in a community event will help increase wellbeing in Medicine Hat. This city is home to many organizations waiting for you to link up with, and people looking for new friends or ways to get involved.

For more information on how to increase sustainability in your life, help the environment or get involved with the community, visit http://www.medicinehat.ca or contact me at kezles@medicinehat.ca. Helping the environment and boosting community engagement will not only improve you and your family’s wellbeing, but will have lasting impacts in Medicine Hat!

Keziah Lesko-Gosselin is a Parks Technician with the Parks and Recreation department, City of Medicine Hat.

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