February 20th, 2020

Caring Closet makes life easier for those who need a hand

By Medicine Hat News on September 7, 2019.

Linda Gould stands at Ma'z & Pa'z Caring Closet. Gould opened the closet in May as a way to help anyone who might need a hand.

From a caring heart has sprung a caring closet.

Laura Gould opened Ma’z & Pa’z Caring Closet in May, looking to make life a little easier for anyone in Medicine Hat who might need a little help.

“I’m always helping people whether it’s giving them clothes, or other items or whatever,” said Gould of her reasons for opening the non-profit operation at 638 Spencer St.

After her son gave her a bag of clothes in January to give to someone who could use them, Gould was inspired to continue helping the community. It’s actually something of a return for her. In 2005 she got involved with the Dream Centre and was in charge of that group’s clothing zone. Clothes would be donated and she would help distribute them to others.

Ma’z & Pa’z works the same way, but it’s not just clothes. Gould also accepts donations of small appliances, furniture, home decor and more. One thing she doesn’t accept is food, leaving that to other established groups in the city.

Gould said most of her clients are people getting out on their own for the first time, such as college students, and single parents. She said there’s no restriction on who can take items.

“I have no judgment. If you’re coming to access Ma’s and Pa’z there’s a reason why,” said Gould. “There are always circumstances why people need to get that little extra hand.”

Right now she’s transitioning her stock form summer to winter, adding she didn’t realize how much winter clothes, toques and gloves she had.

Anyone looking to donate can message reach her through the Ma’z & Pa’z Facebook page or stop by 638 Spencer St.

“I don’t turn anything away,” Gould said. “You can hand me a kitchen table and I’ll find a spot to put it. You give me a box of clothes and I’ll go through it. I’ve always got clients that can use that help.”

Ma’z & Pa’z is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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