June 27th, 2019

Rotary Music Festival results March 12-13

By Medicine Hat News on March 14, 2019.

Owen Crofts rehearses "A Little Waltz" for his performance in Piano Solo - Grade One Standard at Rotary Music Festival on Tuesday.

(12yrs & under and Pre Grade 1-4 are Non-Competitive)



Piano Solo-J.S. Bach-Grade 3 Standard – Anders Currah, Addison Helmer, Kora Kurpjuweit, Aidyn Martens and Adam Sim

Piano Solo-J.S. Bach-Own Choice-12yrs & under – Stirling Clark

Piano Solo-Grade 2 Standard – Finn Barbour, Ainsley Fetch, Oliver Hopkins, Alayna Martens, Jordy Provost, Raven Roset and Keaton Sanders

Piano Solo-Grade 1 Standard – Owen Crofts, Shaoni Datta, Hana Fenwick, Callie Martens, Luke Martin, Graydon Sanders and Abram Schwonik


Violin Solo-Own Choice-5yrs & under – Annalise Robins, Evangeline Robins

Violoncello Solo-Own Choice-6yrs & under – Nya Sissons

Violin Solo-Own Choice-8yrs & under – Tanya Achayra

Violin Solo-Own Choice-9yrs & under – Avery Lavigne

Viola Solo-Own Choice-12yrs & under – Nikoo Jahandardoost

String and Keyboard Sonata-Violin-14yrs & under – Denis Kim

String & Keyboard Sonata-Cello-14yrs & under – Laec Lorentzen

String & Keyboard Sonata-Viola-18yrs & under – Soren Lorentzen

String & Keyboard Sonata-Violin-18yrs & under – Saffron Godard

String Orchestra-Grade 1-Community – Medicine Hat College Conservatory Junior Orchestra, Vincent Massey School and MHC Academy

String Ensemble – Debasri Jena and Stirling Clark

Chamber Group-16yrs & under – Barber-Shop String Quartet (Denis Kim, Daphne Thompson, Laec Lorentzen and Soren Lorentzen)

Chamber Group-18yrs & under – Guiciola Trio (Rhys Parks, Soren Lorentzen and Laec Lorentzen)


Vocal Solo-Boys-Own Choice-12yrs & under – Stirling Clark, Rylan Watt

Vocal Solo-Contemporary/Modern Composers-10yrs & under – Sarah Herter

Vocal Solo-Contemporary/Modern Composers-11yrs & under – Madison Cox

Vocal Solo-Traditional Air/Sea Shanty/Spiritual-Boys-11yrs & under – Joshua Holmes

Vocal Solo-Traditional Air/Sea Shanty/Spiritual-Girls-7yrs & under – Onyka Funk

Vocal Solo-Traditional Air/Sea Shanty/Spiritual-Girls-8yrs & under – Kathrynn Ross

Vocal Solo-Traditional Air/Sea Shanty/Spiritual-Girls-9yrs & under – Avery Lavigne

Vocal Solo-Traditional Air/Sea Shanty/Spiritual-Girls-10yrs& under – Jeeya Gupta, Sarah Herter

Vocal Solo-Sacred-Contemporary/Modern Composers-7yrs & under – Elizabeth Ross

Vocal Solo-Sacred-Contemporary/Modern Composers-10yrs & under – Sarah Herter

Contemporary Gospel Solo-8yrs & under – Kathrynn Ross

Contemporary Gospel Solo-Ballad-11yrs & under – Daniele Hollingworth

Vocal Solo-Sacred-Classical-12yrs & under – Stirling Clark



Piano Solo-Canadian Composers-Pre Grade 1 Standard – Devry Maneschyn, Ellis Masson, Brynnae Paul Chloe Stang, Sylvie Stang and Payton Stickel

Piano Solo-Classical-Grade 1 Standard – Abram Schwonik

Piano Solo-Classical-Pre Grade 1 Standard – Dominic Baron

Piano Solo-Canadian Composers-Grade 1 Standard – Kinlee Garrecht, Callie Martens and Evyn Pah

Piano Solo-Canadian Composers-Grade 2 Standard – Ainsley Fetch, Oliver Hopkins

Piano Solo-Classical-Grade 3 Standard – Erin Bauche, Anders Currah, Addison Helmer, Andrew Peter and Afnan Rajab

Piano Solo-Movie/TV/Pop-Grade 3 Standard – Brooklyn Martin

Piano Solo-Romantic-Own Choice-9yrs & under – Jonathan Guenther


Violin Solo-Own Choice-11yrs & under – Savannah Dawson, Ethan Forsyth, Morrison Minor and Jordy Provost

Violin Solo-Own Choice-12yrs & under – Stirling Clark, Alyssa Jaeger

Violin Solo-Own Choice-13yrs & under – Denis Kim

Violin Solo-Own Choice-14yrs & under – Daphne Thompson

Violin Solo-Own Choice-15yrs & under – Natasha Walter-Pinay

Violin Solo-Own Choice-18yrs & under – Saffron Godard

String Solo-20th Century Composers 1955-Present-Violin-14yrs & under – Jamie Robson

String Solo-20th Century Composers 1900-1954-Cello-14yrs & under – Laec Lorentzen

String Solo-20th Century Composers 1900-1954-Viola-18yrs & under – Soren Lorentzen


Creative Music-10yrs& under – Aidyn Martens

Creative Music-14yrs & under – Macey Marshall

Creative Music-18yrs & under – Rhys Parks

Movie/TV/Pop Solo-Ballad-8yrs & under – Ayla Johnson

Movie/TV/Pop Solo-Ballad-10yrs & under – Mya Mondor

Movie/TV/Pop Solo-Up-Tempo-10yrs & under – Ruby Hamilton

Movie/TV/Pop Solo-Up-Tempo-11yrs & under – Jocelyn Bullock, Ridleigh Foshaug, Hannah Maser, Dominik Pilgrim

Movie /TV/Pop Solo-Ballad -11yrs & under – Alyiah Anton, Hana Fenwick, Lauryn Johnson, Hannah Maser, Dominik Pilgrim and Hannah Ziebart

Movie/TV/Pop Solo-Ballad-12yrs & under – Rylan Watt

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