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Popular coins of the year

By Mo Cranker on December 31, 2016.

The past 12 months have been an interesting year for coins.
For circulation coins there were the regular ones although the loonie and toonie are scarce, there has only been a few out in circulation so far. Early in 2016 they made another loonie depicting Women’s Right to Vote and the Olympic coin. There was also an additional toonie with a picture of the Battle of the Atlantic. All of these coins have been put into circulation, so you may be able to find them in loose change.
The regular coins are also all available in the unc (proof like) set, specimen set (with tundra swan loonie), the regular proof set and the silver proof premium set. Along with these sets were the baby set, birthday set, wedding set, and the Canada set.
In the uncirculated set for 2016 the Royal Canadian Mint made a major mistake and inserted a 2015 loon instead of the 2016 loon coin in limited number of these sets. No one knows how many of these sets there are but could be fewer than 200. These error sets are selling for around $200. There were no colour circulation coins for this past year. The regular 20 for 20, 25 for 25, 50 for 50 and the 100 for 100 coins were all continued for this past year.
For collector coins the Mint kept up with its standards and produced a wide variety of coins to meet almost anyone’s interest. There are way too many to write about all of them, but here are a few of the more popular ones.
The single baby coin with a face value of $10 is one of the most popular coins. Ideal for the newborn for the year it was born. This coin has been made the last few years and should continue in future years. In February the Ukrainian Pysanka coin shaped like an egg sold out very quickly. The wildlife reflections series of three coins at $39.95 each gives a nice looking coin of animals reflections in water. There has been several other coloured animal coins throughout this past year with pricing around the $100 mark. The fish and a different bird series also came out.
In April a unique 3D water droplet coin came out and sold out very quickly also. A national heroes series came out in May with the firefighter coin being the first followed by police, paramedic and military. These coins were priced around $70 and all sold out quickly. The $20 coin (second in the series) shaped like a maple leaf and issued at $155, is also very popular. The $3 Queen Rose coin selling for $45 has been selling for higher than issue price already.
The Dawn of Justice set and the individual coin are both very popular. A continuation of the Superman and Wonder Woman in the DC Comic series have been popular ever since Superman came out several years ago. The “Star Trek” series at $55 per coin did not take long for the mint to sell out. The 25-cent ghost series coin is holding the interest of many people. In October a new hockey set came out with the six Canadian teams, priced at $75 coin.
Being Canada’s 150th anniversary, 2017 will bring many new coins and sets cerebrating it. The 5oz 1967 series of coins is a wonderful keepsake along with the 2017 premium proof set, already being sold in stores. Watch out for your change in the new year as all the coins will have a whole new look.
At this time I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and for everyone to be healthy and safe.
Collector’s Corner is contributed by the Medicine Hat Coin & Stamp Club. For questions or comments about coin or stamp collection emailmedhatcsc@live.com

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