April 13th, 2024


Let’s Chat: An opportunity for high school students

By Linda Tooth on January 31st, 2024

Through my years working in post-secondary, I have met thousands of students who have come to college directly from high school. A great deal of students know what their career path looks like and have done very well in their certificate, diploma and degree programs. Sadly, scores of students come to college not knowing what ... Read More »

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MP Report: Conservative focus for Parliament’s return

By Glen Motz on January 31st, 2024

The winter session of the House of Commons has returned. My Conservative colleagues and I are focused on holding Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal government to account, challenging them on issues where they are failing Canadians. Our attention will be on our faltering economy and the never-ending increases to all costs of living, as ... Read More »

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City Notebook: Power debate hits home

By COLLIN GALLANT on January 27th, 2024

cgallant@medicinehatnews.com@CollinGallant The debate about renewable energy that’s been supercharged in a feud between the provincial and federal governments is about to land on the municipal landscape. The city’s plan to reduce the carbon footprint of the City of Medicine Hat’s power plant – and the need for massive amounts of stockpiled cash to do it ... Read More »

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Economics 101: Incongruent federal policies making housing unaffordable

By Eric Van Enk on January 27th, 2024

I recently read a CBC article published Jan. 11 entitled, “Immigration is making Canada’s housing more expensive. The government was warned 2 years ago,” which described how federal public servants from the department of Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) warned Ottawa of a misalignment of population growth and housing supply in 2022. The federal ... Read More »

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Noteworthy: Listen to the good doctor

By Bruce Penton on January 24th, 2024

It seems foolhardy for people to refuse to be vaccinated for influenza and COVID when Paul Parks, president of the Alberta Medical Association, assures the public that vaccines protect people from certain illnesses and also eases pressure on the province’s entire health system. A recent Globe and Mail story reported that Parks said Alberta hospitals ... Read More »

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Let’s Chat: Just ask

By Linda Tooth on January 24th, 2024

The ability to capture someone’s attention in a 30-45 second video is a marketer’s dream. Imagine doing that with a dog and a computer-generated voice and you have the brilliance behind Jimmy and Clarence. On the social media platform Instagram, they have 803,000 followers worldwide, and on TikTok, they have 918,000 followers worldwide. Plus, they ... Read More »

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City Notebook: Power talk predictable, but didn’t see this one coming

By COLLIN GALLANT on January 20th, 2024

cgallant@medicinehatnews.com@CollinGallant Last Saturday morning this column mentioned that power might be a continuing conversation in 2024. By that night, it was all anyone was talking about. Alberta’s stressed power grid issued an alert calling for Albertans to conserve power – turn off Christmas lights and block heaters, that sort of thing – during Hockey Night ... Read More »

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Guest Column: More energy storage will help keep the lights on

By Robert Tremblay on January 19th, 2024

On the night of Jan. 13, something unprecedented happened in Alberta. Albertans received an emergency alert notification asking them to conserve electricity use as Alberta’s electricity system, operated by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), was in a level 3 grid alert. Extreme cold, which brings with it low wind, combined with a few unanticipated ... Read More »

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Let’s Chat: Blue Monday it was not

By Linda Tooth on January 17th, 2024

I have often wondered where the term ‘Blue Monday’ came from and why we are hung up on it. A U.K. travel company thought up the gimmick as a marketing ploy more than 10 years ago and it has stuck with us. There is no scientific evidence to support this so-called depressing day but let ... Read More »

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MLA Report: Alberta recovery news

By Justin Wright on January 17th, 2024

This week, many Canadians were troubled to learn about the B.C. NDP’s new drug policy, which allows eligible youth who are already struggling with addiction to gain access to fentanyl through their so-called “safe supply” policy. This is something our United Conservative government does not agree with. Here in Alberta, we believe there is no ... Read More »

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