April 13th, 2024


MP Report: Serious concerns with Liberal’s Online Harms Act – Bill C-63

By Glen Motz on March 27th, 2024

“The Liberal government’s proposed Bill C-63, the Online Harms Act, is a terrible law that will unduly impose restrictions on Canadians’ sacred Charter right to freedom of expression. That is what the Liberals intend. By drafting a vague law creating a draconian regime to address online ‘harms’, they will win their wars without firing a ... Read More »

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City notebook; Never a dull moment, is there?

By COLLIN GALLANT on March 23rd, 2024

cgallant@medicinehatnews.com@CollinGallant It seems Medicine Hat made the half hour news radio update in Mitchell, Ont. on Friday. That’s the hometown of News sportswriter James Tubb (the Southern Ontario town has a population of 4,500) and his parents called to find out what’s going on? Many Hatters are asking that themselves after a seismic decision by ... Read More »

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Economics 101: Party like it’s 1995?

By Eric Van Enk on March 23rd, 2024

What were you doing in 1995? I was graduating from Medicine Hat High School and just starting down the path of almost 30 years of education and experience in economics and finance. Why am I bringing up the 1990s, you ask? No, it’s not because it was the last time a Canadian team won the ... Read More »

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Noteworthy: Quality time spent face to face crucial for youth mental health

By Bruce Penton on March 20th, 2024

The good news is that people identified as part of the Gen Z group (roughly aged 12 to 27) aren’t indulging in underage drinking as much as their predecessors, nor are there as many teen pregnancies. But there are troubles, thanks to electronics. Gen Z kids are reportedly facing poorer mental health because they spend ... Read More »

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Let’s Chat: My journey with feminism

By Linda Tooth on March 20th, 2024

When I started a new job six months ago in the non-profit world I was looking forward to learning about feminism and what that looked like within a feminist organization. To complement my new job, I decided to enrol in a gender studies class at the college to help my learning. The terms feminism, gender ... Read More »

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MLA Report: Updates on government action as budget sets in

By Justin Wright on March 20th, 2024

Government is back in session, and it is budget month. As well as attending estimates committees to dig deep into how each ministry is spending their budget, the following items of interest are happening. Wildfire and drought preparedness The Alberta government recognizes the severe challenges wildfires and droughts pose to communities across the province. In ... Read More »

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City Notebook: Hurry up and wait in Alberta politics

By COLLIN GALLANT on March 16th, 2024

cgallant@medicinehatnews.com@CollinGallant Tackling big issues, but with very little detail about how appears to be the new plan of attack for the Alberta government that’s sporadically made blockbuster announcements since the May election. That’s broken up periods of radio silence in province where people are very concerned about the economy, health care, education… you know, the ... Read More »

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Let’s Chat: Loving the theatre

By Medicine Hat News Opinion on March 13th, 2024

One of the things I love about living here (and there are many) is the fact that we have such talented people who volunteer their time to put on amazing theatre productions. I have been to many productions put on at the Medicine Hat Musical Theatre and am in awe every time I leave there ... Read More »

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Noteworthy: Say no to year-round Standard Time, say yes to more evening golf

By Medicine Hat News Opinion on March 13th, 2024

Interesting to note that 75 per cent of readers who voted in the News’ poll on Daylight Saving Time said they would like it to be scrapped. I’d agree with that on one condition: That we stick with the ‘spring ahead’ 12 months of the year and never go back. Some people suggest we revert ... Read More »

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Let’s Chat: To tip or not to tip, that is the question

By Linda Tooth on March 6th, 2024

According to CNBC.com, the history of tipping started in the Middle Ages of Europe when those who were considered wealthy began giving people in lower socio-economic classes extra money for their services. This concept spread to North America in the 1800s and now we are faced with what many would call ‘tipping-fatigue’. I used to ... Read More »

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