June 19th, 2018

Noteworthy: Gas promo, clock changes, the book on Yuill

By Medicine Hat News on September 9, 2017.

If your vehicle needs fuel on or around Sept. 19, you might want to stop in at a South Country Co-op location that day. It’s ‘Fuel Good Day’ at the co-op, with five cents from every litre of fuel that’s sold being donated to HALO. All grades of gas and diesel are eligible. … Alberta has the United Conservative Party (UCP) which will be holding its Jason Kenney coronation ceremony sometime in October. It has the ruling New Democrats, who are already looking at new curtains for the Opposition offices in Edmonton. It has the Alberta Party, whose leader Greg Clark is hoping for a surge of support in the next election due to disaffected Conservatives/ Wildrosers. It has the Liberal Party, which, yes, still exists. We also hear rumours of a splinter, breakaway party organized by people unhappy with the UCP merger. And now, according to a press release, Alberta has a Green Party and a leadership race involving four people, of all things. The Alberta Greens will choose their leader in November from among James Friesen, Romy Tittel, Grant Neufeld and Marco Reid. … Somebody pointed out that we had a ‘Tickled Off’ subhead in one of our submissions last week. It was either a typo, or someone was unsure of their annoyance level. … Among the least likely places you’d find a person impaired by alcohol: In a church, conducting a service; at the front of a courtroom, sentencing bad people; on a school bus, driving 18 school-aged youth. Congratulations Shelly Kolodychuk of Red Deer. You are one of a kind. She’ll be sentenced Nov. 6 for her indiscretion that led to her school bus hitting a tree. There were no injuries, but police said Kolodychuk’s breath samples were more than twice the legal limit. … Noon on Sept. 18 is the deadline for filing nomination papers for the Oct. 16 municipal election. Hatters will get to choose a mayor now that Scott Raible has announced his intention to oppose incumbent Ted Clugston, and the list of city councillor wannabees seems to be growing daily. The quality of people filing nomination papers seems to be fairly high. Merely filing papers to run for city council should draw plaudits. Too many people sit back and throw darts at the mayor and council, but stepping up and putting their name on the ballot deserves special congratulations. … Dang him, anyway. New Democrat MLA Thomas Dang is leading a charge to really screw up Albertans with his idiotic plan to have Alberta stay on the same time year-round, while others to our east, west and south all happily change their clocks twice a year. Collin Gallant said it best in a recent editorial: “The point, however, is that since time zones exist only in relation to other time zones, Alberta would be foolish to nix the practice until others do so as well.” Why Mr. Dang would force Albertans to have to stop and think about what time it is in B.C. and what time it is in Saskatchewan — depending on whether it’s summer or winter — is beyond me. Let’s just stay doing what we’re doing and remain synchronized with the rest of North America. … There are thousands of books on the shelves of the Medicine Hat Public Library, but there’s a space in the Business Success section waiting for the book on the life of Medicine Hat’s Bill Yuill, a magnanimous entrepreneur who has been undoubtedly one of the most successful businessmen in Medicine Hat, if not all of Alberta. So here’s the question: Who’s writing the absolutely necessary book on Yuill’s life and when can we read it? … I remember being in Florida a couple of years ago and a local said the $200 hotel rooms around the Florida Keys were available for between $20 and $30 a night in September. Hurricane season, of course. Florida in September? No thanks. … This Sears closing-out sale could be the longest closing-out sale in the history of closing-out sales. … Researcher Ian Gates of Calgary sayshe and his team stumbled upon a discovery that could turn oil into pellets.Those pellets could then be shipped by rail, eliminating the need for pipelines. Wow! What would Canadian politicians argue about if pipelines weren’t a factor? And perhaps it’s time to put some of your investment coinage into CP Rail and CN stocks. … Medicine Hat will be getting more national sports attention in 2018 when Golf Canada’s Canadian Junior Boys championship comes to the Medicine Hat Golf and Country Club. The event will feature 156 of the best 18-and-under players in the country, and will include an interprovincial team competition as well as individual stroke play. General manager Cam Jacques of the MHGCC says the club can’t wait to play host to his major event, slated for early August. … As if Hurricanes Harvey and Irma weren’t enough, Hurricane Jose is next, churning over the Atlantic right behind Irma. Floridians can only hope it changes course. … Ever since Donald Trump became U.S. President, the violence of storms has been worse than ever. Coincidence? …

Bruce Penton is assistant managing editor of the Medicine Hat News. He may be reached at bpenton@medicinehatnews.com

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