August 30th, 2016

Featured Story @MHNLefebvre Whether you were a hero, a villain, a rebel or a princess, you were welcome to dress up as whatever you wanted at the Medicine Hat Fan Expo Saturday at Medicine Hat College. Conventions already attract fans of comic books, science fiction, fantasy, video games and everything in between to connect, network and

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Local News

  • Grizzlies getting closer to Cypress Hills  @MHNGillianSlade Grizzly bears have recently been seen in the Sweet Grass Hills and they could make their way to Cypress Hills, about 150 kilometres away. Technically it is possible for the grizzly bears to reach Cypress Hills, says Paul Frame, provincial carnivore specialist with Alberta Environment and Parks. “It is possible, I suppose, ... Read More »

    14 mins ago
  • Regional harvests coming along OK as rains skip southeastern Alberta

    Medicine Hat News Harvest figures gained last week as heavy rain largely bypassed southeastern Alberta, though farmers in nearby parts of Saskatchewan are dealing with water on the ground. The Alberta Crop report for Aug. 23 states harvest in Medicine Hat, Foremost and Lethbridge regions is generally proceeding more quickly than in years past. Overall, ... Read More »

    13 mins ago
  • Longtime educator and beloved community man Larry Henderson passes away at 86 @CollinGallant Well-known educator and community booster Larry Henderson should be remembered for his ease dealing with people and his commitment to making Medicine Hat a better place, say those who knew him best. The former principal, who spent more than 20 years on the board of the Public School Foundation, died last week at ... Read More »

    12 mins ago

Local Sports

  • Lawn bowling final needs extra end

    Medicine Hat News They might be new to the sport, but there was no lack of skill or tension at the Medicine Hat Lawn Bowling Club’s novice pairs event Saturday. Allen Hunt and Joan Theriault took top spot, but needed an extra end to beat Wes and Jean Bresee 7-6 in the title match. Organizers ... Read More »

    14 mins ago
  • Stamps still looking good at mid-point of the season

    When I wrote my Fearless Football Forecast June 28, I said Calgary would finish first, Edmonton second with B.C. and Saskatchewan fighting for third and Winnipeg bringing up the rear. At the halfway mark of the season, Calgary and B.C. lead the pack with the Eskimos and Bombers fighting it out for third and the ... Read More »

    6 mins ago
  • Knights unbeaten at Calgary event

    Medicine Hat News Regardless of what season it is, the Medicine Hat K of C Knights are happy to get the chance to win more games and get better at baseball. This past weekend in Calgary the 16-under team went 4-0 to be named winners of a tournament. After a Friday victory the Knights edged ... Read More »

    6 mins ago

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By JimO: Medicine Hat News Comment You have to forgive him Doug...he is still trying to figure out how he got overlooked on his divers registration.... Read More »

By DouglasMH: Medicine Hat News Comment Hi Les, surely you must realize who the Governor in Council is right? That's the Prime Minister and Cabinet. To quote th... Read More »

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  • Guest Column: A bitter batch of beer protectionism in Alberta

    CALGARY The Alberta Small Brewers Development Program is a classic example of government intervention in the market: Many will suffer for the benefit of a select few. Many people have suggested that the program is a means to improve the provincial economy. But will it really promote economic development in Alberta? Let’s take a closer ... Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • National Affairs: Mandatory voting is low-hanging fruit

    In the garden of electoral reform, mandatory voting is a low-hanging fruit that all parties seem content — for now — to leave on the branch. That may change if a special parliamentary committee on electoral reform appointed to make recommendations to Justin Trudeau’s government ends up deadlocked over the big-ticket item on its agenda. ... Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Governments at all levels have a spending problem, not a revenue problem

    The NDP government’s first quarter fiscal update has resurrected the idea of a provincial sales tax as though it would magically solve all the financial woes in Alberta. It does not matter how much revenue you give to any government it will never be enough. Governments actually have a spending problem — not a revenue ... Read More »

    4 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Thanks for the coverage, congrats to local Olympians

    I would like to say a great big thank you to Sean Rooney and the Medicine Hat News for the absolutely phenonemal coverage of our local Olympians Kirsti Lay and Sage Watson. Everyday, they were front page news, as they should be. I also like the little classy touch of their pictures at the top ... Read More »

    12 mins ago
  • Seeing abuse everywhere

    Re: “David Carter speaks up on being sexually assaulted,” Aug. 16 I can understand how the Theo Fleury interview triggered Mr. Carter’s trauma. My PTSD/CPTSD went untreated and undiagnosed and was caused by severe child abuse that started when I was four years old, when my mother put my arm into the wringer on an ... Read More »

    24 hours ago
  • Questions about Elections Alberta, PC leadership race

    On August 12, the Globe and Mail reported that Jason Kenney “is scouring Alberta for support and cash” and that the NDP has asked Elections Alberta whether these fundraising rules violate provincial spending laws. Alberta not only prohibits contributions prior to a campaign, it also defines when a campaign begins. In the case of a ... Read More »

    4 days ago

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