April 21st, 2015

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cgallant@medicinehatnews.com @CollinGallant A local political scientist says that the urban-rural mix of Alberta is becoming apparent in poll results, but there is still a long way to go in the provincial election.Medicine Hat College instructor Jim Groom adds that as the Wildrose Party and Alberta New Democrats build support in their respective bases, there could

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Do you think budgets (municipal, provincial or federal) should be balanced no matter what?

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  • Community housing tenants upset over smoking rule

    gslade@medicinehatnews.com @MHNGillianSlade Allowing people to smoke in units in a community housing apartment block in Medicine Hat is affecting the health of all tenants exposed to second-hand smoke, says the Canadian Cancer Society. “They can be regularly exposed to second-hand smoke infiltrating from other units,” said Angeline Webb, senior public policy advisor. “There is absolutely ... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Budget measure means more tax

    cgallant@medicinehatnews.com @CollinGallant A measure deep within the provincial budget will add an additional half point to municipal property tax rates, city council members in Medicine Hat said Monday as they approved the new rate. City finance officials had introduced the new mill rate in early April, showing a 3.6 per cent residential increase, and it ... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Officials confirm house fire claimed life of elderly woman

    tkalinowski@medicinehatnews.com @MHNTimKal Fire officials are confirming an elderly woman taken to hospital after a house fire this past Friday — on the corner of 25th Street and 13th Avenue S.E. — has passed away as a result. Lead fire investigator Marcus Weckesser said on Monday little more could be released publicly at this point. “The ... Read More »

    3 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Pitchers keep mowing ‘em down

    clefebvre@medicinehatnews.com @MHNLefebvre Strong pitching once again was the difference maker for the Monsignor McCoy junior varsity Colts. Ethan Boutkan struck out seven batters in four innings, while Ethan Bartram struck out four more in three innings as the Colts downed the Crescent Heights Vikings 9-2 in an exhibition game at Athletic Park Monday evening. “It’s ... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • More drama for local minor hockey

    srooney@medicinehatnews.com @MHNRooney Problems at one of the biggest minor sports organizations in Medicine Hat has resulted in more unexpected change and questions about what needs to be done to turn it around. Medicine Hat Minor Hockey general manager Kevin MacKay, hired in February to replace Brian Varga who stepped down last fall, is resigning as ... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • Tigers gather to say goodbyes at the old barn

    rmccracken@medicinehatnews.com @MHNMcCracken The Medicine Hat Tigers have reached the end of an era. The Tigers gathered at The Arena Monday to clean out the locker room one last time, and bid farewell not only to the barn that housed the franchise for 45 years, but a handful of players who have finished their careers in ... Read More »

    3 hours ago

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By Karenlorenzo: Medicine Hat News Comment The looming crisis on aging due to the explosion of aging individuals, longer life expectancy and rising cost of health ... Read More »

By fd4thought: Medicine Hat News Comment I think you misunderstood me. I totally agree with you Lana. My point was that the importance of a lunch program in s... Read More »

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  • Mechanism and structure of voting process should be open for revision

    Electoral reform. It’s a topic that hasn’t reared its head during this election period, despite the unrest and dissatisfaction among Albertan voters. But if Albertans want lasting change, then adjusting and even scrapping the current first-past-the-post system should be an issue on the radar. Despite the naysayers, a change in the electoral process wouldn’t be ... Read More »

    3 hours ago
  • National Affairs: Tories are happy to ride Modi’s wave

    Sometimes, it’s enough to be the opening act or to simply content yourself banging the cowbell behind the lead guitarist. That was Stephen Harper’s role during the three-day Canadian visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it has provided a nice boost to the Canadian prime minister. It has also been a boost to ... Read More »

    21 hours ago
  • Seniors strategy a good idea

    The call is growing for a national seniors strategy in Canada, and those spearheading the push are hoping to engage citizens in helping to make it happen. A new report released Wednesday by the Conference Board of Canada highlights the need for governments at all levels to work together in tackling the challenges facing Canadian ... Read More »

    21 hours ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Another way to protect

    I find it quite an interesting concept as to how the city is building berms. Cut down hundreds, if not thousands of trees and shrubs through developed parks and trail systems. Will the trails on top of the berms be paved like the trails that are being eliminated? I can’t seem to get a straight ... Read More »

    21 hours ago
  • Think long and hard before marking your ballot

    I urge all voters to think long and hard before marking your ballot. EveryPC leader since Ralph Klein apologizes for all the mistakes of the previous government and promises to fix all the screw ups of the past but nothing happens to fix anything. It’s not hard to figure out why — the fact is ... Read More »

    3 days ago
  • God’s always on time

    Re: “Today, we mourn,” April 5. Chelsea Mastermanmakes light of the timingof Christ’s deathon the cross: “In a world tilting increasingly on its axis, this death appears to have been very poor timing on God’s part,” she wrote.However, historyshows the contrary. God sent His son into the centre of world history. He engineered the circumstances ... Read More »

    4 days ago

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