November 25th, 2015

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Alabama is coming to Alberta and bringing a little mountain music.The hit-making, chart-topping country band that’s been making music for more than 45 years will bring the 2016 Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede to a close on July 30.Things will kick off on July 27 with a triple show from three Canadian classic rock acts

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  • City faces budget gap above $20M @CollinGallant The City of Medicine Hat will have to bridge a massive financial gap — equal to one-quarter its annual budget — in 2017, as planners now say there will be no dividend from natural gas or electricity production through 2018. The revelation at Tuesday’s corporate services meeting was an information item meant to ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Speed limit thanks to lawsuit? @MHNMcCuaig A lawsuit settlement increasingly appears to be the reason behind the 50 kilometre-per-hour limit on a section of Parkview Drive designed for higher speeds, but a gag-order is preventing terms of the settlement from being released. And there are indications a review in changing that speed limit will face opposition. The Parkview Drive ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Public input wanted regarding $23M city budget shortfall

    Medicine Hat News The City of Medicine Hat will attempt to cover a $23-million budget shortfall in only 13 months, and Hatters will have their say as to how, say financial planners. Administrators outlined the problem as well as some possible answers to a committee on Tuesday: they forecast the city’s energy businesses won’t produce ... Read More »

    4 hours ago

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  • Tigers put on show for a cause @MHNRooney A balaclava and neon shorts weren’t the only blasts from the past during the Medicine Hat Tigers’ skills competition Tuesday night. Max Gerlach pretty much had no choice but to bring back the lacrosse-style move that put him in the spotlight as a nine-year-old, then hung around long enough to help Team Butcher ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Campbell name synonymous with Grey Cup over the decades

    The Campbells are coming! The Campbells are coming! Who will Hugh be cheering for? The men synonymous with the Eskimos are Jackie Parker and Hugh Campbell. Parker was the greatest Eskimo of them all, Campbell the greatest coach. Old Spaghetti Legs won the Most Outstanding Player award three times and was an all-star eight straight ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Valk anxious to get back @MHNMcCracken Former Medicine Hat Tigers captain Curtis Valk has been on the sidelines for more than eight months, but the Utica Comets forward is staying positive through his long rehabilitation period. “I’m hoping to get back sooner rather than later. Jan. 1 is the goal. I think I’ve been training really well so it ... Read More »

    4 hours ago

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By medvoice: Medicine Hat News Comment Dan, should have done his due diligence on Rhonda James BEFORE hiring her. A quick on-line search of the NUANs database ... Read More »

By Duster: Medicine Hat News Comment More notley NDP lies and deceit. Selling Alberta out to further HER views on global warming is the only thing she has do... Read More »

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  • Flag raising supports those fighting uphill battle against bigotry, violence

    History was made Friday when a blue, pink and white flag was raised at the Alberta legislature to mark the Trans Day of Remembrance. The day itself, every Nov. 20, began in 1999 to memorialize Rita Hester — a transgender woman stabbed to death in her Massachusetts home. Year after year the number of vigils ... Read More »

    20 hours ago
  • Guest Column: Off-site levies explained

    We would like to extend our thanks to city council for endorsing the off-site levy assist at the Nov. 16 council meeting. However, we also recognize that there is still much confusion and misinformation in the public about off-site levies, what they are and the costs associated. We wanted to take some time to provide ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • The struggle to put food on the table

    Concerns in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the debate over what to do about Syrian refugees are popular discussion topics at present. But some people are dealing with more pressing matters on the home front — namely, the issue of where their next meal will come from. It might seem inconceivable ... Read More »

    2 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Refugees’ arrival: We must be vigilant

    Re: “Will we, as the Bible suggests, be good Samaritans?,” Nov. 17 News reporter Peggy Revell’s statement that “the majority of people in Medicine Hat claim to follow” Jesus Christ, raises interesting questions. Does she believe they are all born-again in Christ’s spirit?Or is she referring to those attending an institutional “church building”and belonging to ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • UK system would be good photo radar solution

    I attended the open house the Police Commission put on regarding photo radar. I was very happy with how welcoming the representatives were of the public’s input on the issue. I was able to speak with chairman Rolf Traichel (who is a charming and attentive individual), and offered my suggestion that Medicine Hat adopt the ... Read More »

    4 hours ago
  • Russian leader is two-faced

    Bravo! Bravo! Mr. Putin. Your vow to hunt down and punish those who bombed a Russian jet shows real determination and leadership to the world in the face of this horrific act. Maybe now you will be willing to “hunt down and punish” the Russian terrorists who shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over the ... Read More »

    4 hours ago