April 16th, 2024

Let’s Chat: An evening in Brooks

By Linda Tooth on February 28, 2024.

I recently went to Brooks for a fundraiser held by the Brooks Toy Library. I had never heard of this organization before but as a lover of books and kids I thought, why not.

I was told the entertainment for the evening was a comedian who is also a medium and that they can make people laugh while connecting certain people with loved ones who have passed away.

Now I am sure some are thinking what a waste of money and time that was, but rest assured I had a lovely evening.

Those who got to connect with their loved ones were left speechless, and some left the event very emotional. Shortly after my dad passed away a co-worker approached me to let me know they had been to a local medium and had received a message from my dad.

I did not know this co-worker very well and was left speechless and emotional in the hallway outside the cafeteria at the college when she told me my dad had arrived at his destination and was doing well. I am not a religious individual, but I believe there is a place we will journey to after we leave this Earth, and I was happy my dad made it there.

The back of Jennie’s book, Messages from a Medium; Inside my Head, states “Jennie shares what death has taught her about life and gives readers the tools to move past grief, recognize their own inner power, and build a better life.”

I know all of us at some point will be faced with the loss of someone we love, and grief will take over, but just imagine the ability to move past grief and love life.

After the event was over for the Brooks Toy Library, I approached Jennie to tell her I had thoroughly enjoyed the evening and wanted to know if she would be interested in coming on the podcast I co-host.

She said yes! We are going to be recording with her in a few weeks. When it is uploaded and ready to be shared, I will put the link to the podcast on my social media accounts so everyone can experience the wisdom Jennie brings to every conversation.

Not a believer? You may be after listening to what Jennie has to say.

Linda Tooth is a communications instructor at Medicine Hat College

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