April 17th, 2024

MLA Report: Coming soon: Alberta’s next provincial budget

By Justin Wright on February 21, 2024.

This month’s MLA Report is to share an update on the resumption of our legislative session and the critical work ahead regarding the introduction and passage of the provincial budget. As your elected member of the legislative assembly, I am honoured to represent your interests and ensure your tax dollars are spent responsibly on programs and services that best serve our community.

Let me begin by expressing my eagerness to return to the legislature and get back to the important work conducting the people’s business. After a brief recess, we will resume the legislative session next week. I am excited to collaborate with my colleagues to craft judicious spending plans that reflect the values and meet the needs of our constituents.

One of our most significant tasks is the introduction and passage of the budget. As outlined in our legislative process, the government will introduce the budget during this sitting, likely within the first couple of weeks. The budget speech will summarize spending priorities and measures planned for the upcoming fiscal year.

What follows is a thorough examination and debate of the specific budget bills and estimates for each government ministry and department. I will have the opportunity to question ministry representatives about their budget asks and proposed spending. I can assure you that I will fiercely advocate for investments in areas like education, healthcare and social services that are crucial for our community.

After lengthy consideration and committee hearings regarding ministry budgets and programs, we will eventually vote on the final budget bills. I will only support budgets that direct taxpayer funds towards just ends that uplift our most vulnerable and make wise investments in our collective future.

The budget process is laborious but critically important work. I wanted to provide an inside look as your representative into what lies ahead this sitting from a legislative perspective. Please reach out if you have any specific questions or comments regarding the provincial budget. I am always eager to hear from constituents, and your feedback helps inform my advocacy work in the legislature.

I look forward to continuing to serve you.

Justin Wright is the MLA for Cypress-Medicine Hat

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