February 29th, 2024

MP Report: Change offers hope

By Glen Motz on December 27, 2023.

As we prepare to ring in 2024, I wish to offer a message of hope for all Canadians. Together we hope, because we know there is more to life than the current struggles our country is enduring. We hope because we are looking for and expecting something more. We hope because we have been promised something – something more than present experiences.

When times are bleak, people look for hope. Sometimes, however, hope requires patience and perseverance. Hope believes even when the thing being hoped for is unseen or maybe even when it seems impossible. Politically speaking, for many Canadians that hope will come with a change of government, which can’t come soon enough.

Life’s challenges are difficult enough without government adding to our stress when we are struggling. During these difficult times, we want our load lightened, something to look forward to, and someone who will lead us forward. Someone who can ensure we won’t be stuck in these dark days forever.

I offer you a little of what hope could look like with a Conservative federal government, focused on serving the people for the good of all.

Putting the current government behind us in the next election, whenever it may be, is the first step on a corrective path to renewed national and personal prosperity. Under the leadership of Pierre Poilievre, Conservatives across the country are united and confident that he will lead with common-sense, transparency and integrity.

Poilievre’s ‘Bring It Home’ strategy offers change for all Canadians by curbing taxes, cutting waste and capping government spending, in addition to reducing government debt and getting the books balanced. It’s a common-sense approach that will provide hope for hardworking Canadians to earn powerful paycheques to purchase affordable food, fuel, and homes in safe communities. All things which we took for granted during previous Conservative leadership years.

The Conservative approach to natural resource management offers common sense changes and a real plan to develop and manage the resources we have. We are blessed to be a country with a wealth of energy and have the skills, commitment, and research to sustainably develop our resources with the lowest possible carbon footprint. This gives us hope that our country can end its dependence on foreign dictator oil and provide high income jobs for Canadians.

Our approach to housing means a change in how the federal government incentivizes provinces and municipalities. It rewards the communities that can build more affordable homes and offers hope to the people who do the work so that they can actually afford a home.

Our common-sense Conservative government means that we change the relationship that government has with its citizens. We return to being a country where we are a government for the people, not of the people. A government for the common good of all.

We will end wasteful spending, and the federal deficits that have resulted, by reducing bureaucratic waste and exorbitant government contracts to well-connected consultants. Fiscal prudence offers hope that government will stop burdening Canadians with wasteful, inflationary spending and continuous debt and deficits impacting future generations.

Most importantly, change means ending the carbon tax. It does nothing to protect our environment but is a tax that is responsible for inflation and leaves families with less, at a time when they deserve more.

While Canadians hope we have an election before October 2025, I leave you with this: Whenever the next election, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives will bring change and that is what is giving Canadians hope.

Glen Motz is the MP for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner

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