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Let’s Chat: Belly dancing is an art

By Linda Tooth on October 18, 2023.

Fun fact for the day: Did you know belly dancing originated in ancient Greece and Egypt. It is thought to originally be a dance incorporated as a fertility ritual. Women of all shapes and sizes have taken part in this type of dance for centuries and it is a great form of exercise.

I recently signed up for a belly dancing class hosted by an instructor from TONE Fitness and Dance Ltd. at Big Marble Go Centre. Every Wednesday night for 11 weeks I partake in a 45-minute class where I shimmy and wiggle my middle section to the sounds of Turkish and Middle Eastern music.

This beginner class has women of all ages and sizes taking part. As we face a mirror and watch ourselves strengthen our core by stretching, breathing and trying to be sexy, the laughter shared makes this experience enjoyable.

Earlier this year I purchased a pass for Big Marble Go Centre. I have been utilizing the pool for aqua-fit in shallow water and I use the track to walk laps while listening to podcasts or music. Being of shorter stature, their version of shallow water for aqua-fit and mine are totally different. My toes barely touch the floor of the pool, but I give it my best effort.

By adding belly dancing to this exercise regime, I feel I am now getting a good workout weekly. The only challenge I see is I must stick with it and not talk myself out of going.

As we age, taking care of ourselves is important. Some call it self-care. For me, it is an opportunity to be active in a safe environment and share some laughs with like-minded people.

As we come into the winter months in Alberta it is even more important to be mindful of self-care. Our days will get shorter, and the temperatures will drop making us question why we live here, as well as making us want to hibernate to escape the winter blahs.

Do not allow yourself to become captive by the season. Check out what exercise opportunities there are and maybe you will get to shimmy and wiggle with me.

Linda Tooth is a communications instructor for Medicine Hat College

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