January 22nd, 2021

MLA Report: The year that was – 2020

By Medicine Hat News Opinion on January 8, 2021.

Undoubtedly, the past year will be remembered as a difficult one. Difficult for workers, employers, agricultural producers, the energy sector, small business operators, seniors, students and families. With added restrictions and loss, we’ve all had a tough time. For Alberta, the pandemic was another blow to our economy and our hopes.

Throughout the hardships of the past year, many constituents have asked what the federal Conservatives are doing to support Canadians and what our plan is going forward. Here are just a few highlights of our 2020 accomplishments and some thoughts on the future.

Canada’s Conservative team has been focused on helping Canadians during the pandemic and worked hard to fix the gaps in the Liberal emergency programs that left out millions. We fought for workers and business owners in every industry and secured changes to the rent relief program, the wage subsidy program (including an increase from 10 per cent to 75), and the Canada Emergency Business Account program. We advocated for an increase to the Canada Child Benefit to help families.

We also fought for national unity by raising the issue of Western alienation, fought for resource projects and the future of the most innovative and ethical oil and gas industry in the world, and introduced policy ideas on resource revenue sharing with Indigenous communities. We pressed for a Canada-UK trade deal and continually call out Trudeau’s naïve approach to communist China. We passed several Opposition motions focused on government accountability and even received all party support to take immediate action and establish a national suicide prevention hotline (9-8-8).

We got so close to the truth about the WE scandal, the Liberals threatened to trigger an election to keep it covered – but that fight is not yet over.

For the immediate future, Conservatives will continue to be bold in our approach to ensure that workers have good jobs to return to and that Canadians can come out of the pandemic stronger than before. Canadians are counting on us to hold the Trudeau government to account. They are also counting on us to help lead our nation out of this crisis and rebuild Canada.

Canadians deserve a government that is transparent, accountable, reliable and honest. Through respect, professionalism and the pursuit of excellence, Conservatives will show Canadians that we are a government in waiting. Under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, Conservatives will bring back certainty, clarity and competence for Canadians by forming an engaged, ethical and compassionate government.

For the sake of Canada and all Canadians, now is the time for renewed hope and to consider the reimagining of good government, beginning with the fundamentals that Conservatives offer. A sound government, not only during ordinary times but also in times of crisis. Our country’s future depends on it.

Glen Motz is the Member of Parliament for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner

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Fred Lewis
Fred Lewis
7 days ago

The MP did a lot of fighting in 2020. Lest he appear pugnacious, he tempered his brawls with a bit of advocacy, a dash of pressing and a pinch of introducing. To soften the violent blows of the callings out there were some passings.

The scandalous truth was very nearly exposed. Perhaps investigative skills need improvement. Apparently there is more fighting to be done here.

We now know where to find the fundamentals that will save us, that will inspire transparency, accountability, reliability, honesty, hope, certainty, clarity, competence, compassion, ethics, hope and imagination even, and this cannot be overstated, during times of crisis. Hallelujah.