May 27th, 2020

MP Report: A Conservative vision

By medicinehatnews on June 7, 2019.

With a fall election on the horizon, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is focused on returning Canada to its earned place as a highly-respected nation — both at home and abroad — based on ‘My Vision for Canada’ strategy. 

By listening carefully to Canadians, a comprehensive five-part plan addressing major issues has been developed. Concentrating on crucial matters of foreign policy/defence, economy/finance, and immigration perspectives (already released) Conservatives are clear on direction. Confederation/intergovernmental relations, plus environment/climate change plans will be released soon. 

The Conservative strategy reflects how Canada will be a principled force for peace and freedom on the world stage, a disciplined protecter of tax dollars at home, a welcoming land for refugees, a champion for clean Canadian technology and a model of clear roles and responsibilities between levels of government. 

Scheer understands Canada must reinvent its ties with like-minded international allies, while confronting threats to our national interest and values. It is critical Canada claim ownership of our sovereignty; reject the pretension that we should be neutral on specific global matters or treating democracies and dictatorships with equal approaches. 

Repairing Canada’s relationship with the United States, our neighbour and largest trading partner is of key importance, as is developing new or strengthening existing relationships with like-minded international partners. Economic freedom through free-trade opportunities, trusted relationships and international co-operation is key to global success. 

On the economic front, Canada cannot afford runaway deficits, ballooning debt, skyrocketing interest payments or mounds of red tape for potential investors to wade through. We need lower taxes, predictable regulations, sound public finances, debt reduction and limited government interference. Such measures will encourage public sector investment. Plus, Canadians will keep more of their hard- earned money in their pockets. 

If Canada was to have a government that cut wasteful spending, shortened its wishlist by understanding we can’t have everything at once, stopped corporate handouts, and took a measured approach to spending growth, Canadians would not be facing the current massive debt load that will burden generations to come. 

Conservatives recognize numerous methods to reverse our economic situation, beginning by allowing all Canadians to benefit from our nation’s natural resources. We have what most countries dream of — world-leading clean technology and an abundance of resources the world demands. We need to approve responsible resource exploration, more pipeline construction, investments in technology and aerospace and infrastructure projects that keep our economy moving. 

With immigration directives in drastic need of change, our ‘Unity in Diversity’ policy will ensure Canada’s system is fair, orderly, and compassionate, beginning by addressing the litany of problems from backlogs to illegal border-crossers. 

Simply closing the Safe Third Country Agreement loophole, migrant traffic, like the 40,000 people who illegally crossed into Canada from the U.S. outside official border points in the last two years, will stop. Our plan will promote privately sponsored refugees, emphasize economic immigration, plus improve language training and credential recognition to ensure newcomers can succeed. 

Visit for the full content of the Official Opposition Leader’s ideas. 

Glen Motz is Member of Parliament (CPC) for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner.

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