August 21st, 2019

MLA Report: Ready to build the best Alberta

By Medicine Hat News Opinon on January 18, 2019.

“Just because you are not interested in politics, doesn’t mean politics are not interested in you.” This quote is often attributed to Pericles, the leader of Athens’ democratic party, in 450 BC.

I am pleased that so many Albertans, but especially Cypress-Medicine Hatters, are absolutely ready to be involved in politics. They are willing to share their time, ideas and assets to contribute to returning Alberta to its place as the wealthiest, most free, and best place to raise a family in North America!

Recently we have seen more than 1,000 vehicles in an oil and gas convoy, watched by hundreds more in southeast Alberta, rallies, and numerous coffee meetings sharing our desire for more free enterprise, responsive government and respect for hard earned tax dollars. I am very pleased to report that everywhere I go I am receiving offers of support, shared ideas, and am hearing a deep concern for the levels of debt and taxation our current governments have burdened us with. I also hear consistently that as the demand for oil increases in the world, foreign and other interests have bottlenecked our industry leading producers. I am especially pleased that Albertans of all ages and backgrounds are concerned, stepping up, and speaking out.

More than 2,500 years ago, Pericles believed in enhanced democratic rights over public services, expanded voting rights, and considered voting to be a citizen’s highest duty.

The issues that faced the ancient Greeks are different than what Alberta faces today, but the basic fact that not being involved allows others to have a greater say and leaves many, many good ideas behind.

The reality of Alberta today is that carbon and other taxes destroy both jobs and wealth. Our per capita share of GDP has dropped by 7 per cent, our net debt has ballooned to past $50 billion, and annual interest costs soared past $1.5 billion.

My belief during my seven years as your representative is to provide servant leadership by being “Ready to Listen, Act and Lead.” I have been listening to all Albertans and what I am hearing is clear and concise. We want to be returned to our place as Canada and North America’s leader in free enterprise, opportunities, and the best place to raise a family and support a community.

In order to do this we all need to act and ensure that Alberta becomes the most competitively taxed jurisdiction again, that taxpayer dollars are taken and spent with utmost respect and value, and that our world-leading oil and gas and agriculture producers get the pipelines and the access to markets that other global producers enjoy.

I am ready and willing to continue to listen, act and lead and I am asking that each and every one of you join me in building the best Alberta, strong and free!

Drew Barnes is the MLA (UCP) for the Cypress-Medicine Hat constituency.

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