May 25th, 2024

Letter: SEAWA has not abandoned care of Connaught Pond trees

By Letter to the Editor on May 1, 2024.

Dear editor,

Contrary to one readers’ view that South East Alberta Watershed Alliance (SEAWA) is ‘abandoning the care’ of trees planted around Connaught Pond in Saratoga Park (Ticked Off, April 23), SEAWA assessed the site on April 19.

As a watershed planning and advisory council tasked with helping achieve Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy, SEAWA is walking the walk by prioritizing projects that achieve these goals. We’re also hosting events, sharing information and collaborating with partners.

With water supplies low and expected to remain so this summer, it’s imperative that managed areas are well-planned so they will be self-sustaining in the face of drought and a warmer climate-changed future. Please join us.

Dwayne Rogness,

executive director

South East Alberta Watershed Alliance (SEAWA)

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