April 16th, 2024

Letter: Contrary to UCP talking points, Alberta’s approach to drug addiction is not working at all

By Letter to the Editor on January 18, 2024.

Dear editor,

I am compelled to correct the dangerous falsehoods in MLA Wright’s column in Wednesday’s paper entitled Alberta Recovery News.

He starts by saying “here in Alberta, we (the ucp) believe there is no such thing as a truly safe supply.” In fact, there is strong evidence to dispute this.

Should the UCP be able to put aside their draconian approach, we as a province would not be in the top three provinces leading the way in opioid and stimulant use deaths as well as emergency room and hospital visits.

Studies have shown people given a safe supply who have a severe opioid use disorder end up using less substances, gain employment along with housing and start living a healthier life. Here in Medicine Hat, the rate of overdose deaths has risen since 2016 by a staggering, unfathomable amount of 825%.

The charted, different path Mr. Wright refers to is not saving lives, no matter how it is written in a column or how many beds are so-called available. (First-hand knowledge says otherwise.)

Unfortunately for too many in this province, that path has them walking behind a hearse in a cemetery preparing to bury a loved one.

So, to those other provinces believing we are leading the way, the proof is not in just the numbers, the proof is in the broken-hearted families.

Thank you to all who are continuing to stay informed.

Kym Porter

Medicine Hat

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