May 26th, 2024

Letter: Take caution around city wildlife

By Letter to the Editor on March 29, 2023.

Dear editor,

I am concerned with the safety of the people and wild animals within the city limits. It is only a matter of time until it will happen.

Deer, moose, coyotes, cougars, badgers and maybe elk are here. With spring coming and the danger of animals protecting their young, someone is going to get hurt.

Last year, the paper girl had a warning from a mother deer and just kept walking. The mother deer was podding the ground with her stiffened front legs and kind of whistling. It got my attention and I hollered for her get back or it will attack, which she did.

I made a wide circle to the other street and talked to the paper girl. She thought the deer was acting strange but was not worried.

I was raised in the country and was told how some animals acted when protecting and also stalking food, and witnessed coyotes stalking prey.

I’m wondering if someone with experience in this area and the paper could write an article about living with the danger of animals – attack mode and protection mode.

Tom Carroll

Medicine Hat

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