May 26th, 2024

Letter: Understanding the cost of care

By Letter to the Editor on March 22, 2023.

Dear editor,

In the interest of preserving our universal health-care model, I think it imperative that each of us understand the cost of our care.

Years ago itemized statements were issued, outlining each and every medical visit, procedure, etc. This was invaluable. Not only did it provide awareness of the actual cost of medical care (no it is not free), but it identified physicians who abused the system by billing for services they did not provide or over billing for those they did.

So I am asking each of you to phone Alberta Health Services, ask for an agent and request a statement for the last 18 months of care provided to you.

They are happy to comply as long as you have your Alberta Health Care number. Our system is in crisis and obviously one of the contributing factors is the ever rising cost of care. Do your part.

Barbara Pasternak

Medicine Hat

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