May 26th, 2024

Letter: Alberta’s health-care system no longer prioritizing needs of the citizen

By Letter to the Editor on February 22, 2023.

Dear editor,

On Feb. 2, I had blood drawn to test the coagulation of my blood (INR) as I have had an artificial valve since 1996. The blood INR must be checked every three weeks, a life and death situation as the rate must be kept within a certain range. When phoning to get the lab results I was told that information will no longer be available as the government has turned lab work over to a private company in Calgary.

This means samples will be transported to Calgary several times a day (hopefully in a timely manner). The results will then be posted to a site for the patient to access.

I feel the system is no longer looking after the needs of citizens but the needs of private companies and politicians.

How can this possibly be an improvement to our health care system?

The election is on May 29!

Henry Barbier

Medicine Hat

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