June 15th, 2024

Letter: Smith’s UCP must take action as illnesses rise

By Letter to the Editor on November 23, 2022.

Dear editor,

As Albertans hear more and more frequently about the combined wave of COVID, flu and RSV on our doorsteps, we hear silence from our provincial government… or worse.

One of Premier Danielle Smith’s first actions in power was to ban school districts from protecting our children with masks. This was done without consultation with medical experts, and is clearly ideological.

We are experiencing critical shortages of children’s fever medication not just in our stores, but in our hospital pharmacies. When parents run out at home and their children’s fevers won’t break, what choice will they face but to wait in long ER lines for medication?

What is our government doing to address this situation?

We need to put a team of health experts in charge of our health system. We are sleepwalking toward another nightmare wave as our system is being overrun.

Premier Smith: Please, help your province. To the rest of us, until real help is on the way, let’s stay safe and stay home when we’re sick. Try to take care of each other, ourselves and be kind to our health-care workers – they’re the only ones we can count on.

Palliser Friends of Medicare Board

Medicine Hat


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