January 25th, 2022

Letter: O Christmas Tree

By Letter to the Editor on January 4, 2022.

Dear editor,

O Christmas Tree

Thy leaves are so unchanging. They’re not just green when the season is warm and sunny, but also when it is cold and dreary. The tree always looks the same, standing strong in the cold and harsh winter, as easily as in the warm summer.

In summer, it reassures us that when all the other leaves have fallen, it will still be green and sturdy. In fall, its colour stands against the gold, yellow and reds, creating a glorious beauty. In winter, it is in contrast with the snow-covered land, showing the only sign of life, that brings hope of what will come when winter is past, and spring arrives.

How much like our Lord is this Christmas tree. Our Lord is with us in strength and love and hope through every season of our life. He is the one constant in the changing generational times. He stands out against all other things, and people we would compare Him to, or put before Him.

At Christmas, we decorate the evergreen tree and celebrate its unchanging beauty, just as we celebrate our God, who came to us as a babe so many years ago, to assure us of His unchanging love.

Betty Gader

Medicine Hat

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