October 22nd, 2021

Letter: Samcoe performed a valuable service for Hatters

By Letter to the Editor on October 9, 2021.

Dear editor,

I rarely agree with anything Mr. Larry Samcoe says but in his article in the News on Oct. 7 he performed a valuable service for our community.

His list of issues that we should all consider before casting our votes is a powerful presentation of how democracy should work.

His list of local issues to consider, if taken seriously by the voters, will truly represent ‘the voice of the people.’ My one concern is that Mr. Samcoe tends to focus on the ‘enterprise aspects’ of the city and ignores the human, social, or community aspects of the city, a good example of the usual Conservative blindness. Medicine Hat is a community, not just a business, or an enterprise.

However, I truly thank Mr. Samcoe for his insightful and valuable suggestions. I do want to gently remind him that life is more than economics.

Peter Mueller

Medicine Hat

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13 days ago

And I would like to remind Mueller that life is more than being a shill for Rachel Notley and her socialist party.