September 28th, 2021

Letter from the editorial board: Striving for balance in election coverage

By Letter to the Editor on September 9, 2021.

With a pair of elections just around the corner, we at the News wish to address our approach to coverage in our Comments section.

Our newspaper has undergone significant change in the past two years, and particularly the past few months. Due to this state of flux, two items made it onto this page in 2021 that should not have – one letter from a candidate in February, and another expressing support for a candidate in July.

It is News policy that no active candidates will be permitted editorial space in our paper, and we have adopted the stance that direct oppositions or endorsements of specific candidates will also not be published. As a result, the items in question have been removed from our website. The News apologizes for this oversight.

We believe it is important to remain objective through the course of the election while providing our readers with the facts required to make their own informed decisions, and we remain dedicated to that goal.

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18 days ago

Going to be more objective…. then right beside the article you post a childish, cheapshot cartoon about Mr. Erin O’toole. Trudeau is the REAL puppet in politics by the way, just like Joe Biden, but there you go with your bias towards the socialists again, sigh.

Fedup Conservative
Fedup Conservative
17 days ago
Reply to  Leftocrites

A cheap shot when Jason Kenney’s buddy O’Toole has been promising to gut our Public Health Care system and force Canadians into an American Style system and eliminate the CBC when some areas of remote Canada still need them?.
Like his former boss Reformer Stephen Harper tried to do and it got him defeated. Add in the fact that Harper privatized the Canadian Wheat Board against the farmers wishes and they have now been given permission to sue the federal government for their loses and that means we will have to pay a lot for another one of these stupid Reform Party Plans, just like cleaning up Ralph Klein’s Orphan Well mess in Alberta.
The true conservatives in my world have seen enough of these Reformers who are out to destroy us and are fedup with our fellow seniors who are willing to support them, how about you?

14 days ago

Tell that to Big Al and his alter ego Fed Up Psycho.