July 24th, 2021

Letter: Motz should be urging constituents to vaccinate

By Letter to the Editor on June 16, 2021.

Re: MP Report “Social experiment” damage, MP Glen Motz, June 4

Dear editor,

I read the report from Medicine Hat Warner Cardston MP Glen Motz with a mixture of surprise and concern.

I’m surprised because it seems like politicians that want to help their constituents during a pandemic must find it hard to help out and still spend so much time and energy trying to gain political advantage.

More importantly, I am concerned that Mr. Motz did not find any time or space in his report to address the issue of very low vaccine uptake throughout his riding. To be clear, the constituents in Mr. Motz’s riding have had the same access to vaccines as all other Albertans but the number of people vaccinated is far lower than the provincial average. In fact, as of today, in the County of 40 Mile, only 26.4% of residents have had a first dose. Cardston is at 32% and Warner at 40%. The provincial average is approaching 60%.

Perhaps Mr. Motz should consider setting his political ambitions aside and try being a leader. He could do this by rallying his constituents to get vaccinated, it would likely yield better results than spending time endlessly complaining.

Doug Wilson

Victoria, B.C.

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