May 14th, 2021

Letter: Stop and take a look at this world

By Letter to the Editor on April 30, 2021.

A poem by McKayla, Grade 7 Crescent Heights High School student

Look at our world

In this world no one is perfect,

So many riots that take us back to where we started,

Suicides, deaths, we don’t support it,

a global pandemic ya it’s boring,

After a year’s worth of this tiring life how do we afford it? Losing our jobs and businesses, none of this is fun,

Should have gone into complete lockdown at the start of this but our prime minister said “NO let’s do this instead”

Well, look where we are now, still where we were a year ago,

Just a little different but with the variant killing more and more innocent people who don’t deserve it,

Everyone’s thinking “I’m done with this, I don’t care anymore”

But guess what, you’re the ones spreading this storm

You’re the ones wiping out the population, the ones hurting kids, the ones breaking families, the ones keeping this



and why?

Because you don’t care

and just think, if everyone who didn’t care, cared

All of this stress, anger, depression would be over

but no, we are back to the start in wave 3

So many deaths each week

This is not how its supposed to be,

Kids aren’t supposed to be depressed, cutting, drinking, smoking and doing drugs

but that’s the new hobbies – getting buzzed

Now stop, and take a look at this world

No one’s perfect

But this world should be.

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