April 23rd, 2021

Letter: One day at a time, one spoon at a time

By Letter to the Editor on March 27, 2021.

Dear editor,

I am a Spoonie and I have been one for as long as I can remember. According to Spoon theory,  people only have so many spoons in a day and when they are gone there is no more energy left. I lose my spoons early. 

Today I went to church, my church has been following guidelines and we wear masks. I sing one solo in a favorite song every few years. Last Wednesday I started a new pill for a new problem. I have no spoons.

No problem, I have been pushing the envelope all my life. Went to church sang anyway. I shook all the way through that song but nobody seemed to notice. 

That’s what we do, take it one thing at a time. I love my life, my church, my friends and support groups. However if I look back or forward too much I will fall apart.

Maybe I will have more spoons tomorrow, if not I will just push it through.

Diane MacNaughton


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25 days ago

oh my, I have just thrown away a load of plastic spoons. If I knew earlier that you needed some, I would have delivered them to your church this Sunday!