January 19th, 2021

The many reasons why I wear a mask

By Letter to the Editor on November 20, 2020.

I felt it was time to voice my pro mask stance.

I wear a mask inside any businesses I enter.

I do it for you…all of you.

I wear a mask because I don’t want to be responsible for causing others to suffer. I wear a mask so I will be able to see my brother, who is recovering from leukemia after a stem cell transplant. Someone donated their stem cells so he could live. He is one of the immunocompromised. There are many people here who, for various reasons, are too.

The least I can do is wear a mask.

I wear a mask so I will keep others safe from the disease caused by the dreaded aerosol droplets.

I wear a mask to protect the health care system.

I wear a mask to honour and protect the health care workers who are exhausted, stressed and worried.

I wear a mask because I care about others.

I don’t understand why those who choose not to wear a mask don’t care about this city and its people.

Please, just wear a mask for all of us.

Trudy Patrick

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Fred Lewis
Fred Lewis
1 month ago

Those who disdain masks will suffer greatly in the coming months when SE AB is almost certain to see a spike. Their political philosophy, which springs from their religion, will be fatal to them in the end. Then the rest of us will finally be free.

1 month ago

Well said Trudy, I completely agree!
I also have been wearing a mask since the pandemic started.
I cannot believe that our elected city council is still so slow to implement a mask bylaw and sadly now our numbers reflect their neglect.