May 11th, 2021

‘Phony’ cons worse than National Energy Program

By Letter to the Editor on November 13, 2020.

Dear editor,

While those of us from the world of finance, who fully supported the Alberta Conservative Party, and who had ties to the oil industry certainly know what a financial disaster the National Energy Program was, we aren’t dumb enough to ignore what these phony conservatives have done to us since.

As economist Trevor Tombe from the U of C points out, had our previous governments continued to collect oil royalties at the Lougheed levels, Albertans would have enjoyed an additional $575 billion. Add that to the $150 billion in lost taxes that Ralph Klein’s daughter Angie was so upset about and the $260 billion we are warned it could cost to clean up the orphan well mess that I was involved with prior to Klein changing the regulations to benefit his rich friends and who should be apologizing to whom. The fact is the National Energy Program is a joke compared to what these phony conservatives have done to us.

Alan Spiller


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