November 25th, 2020

UCP’s secret agenda continues to thumb its nose at Albertans

By Letter to the Editor on October 22, 2020.

Dear editor,

Well the Medicine Hat News arrived at my place (last week) with two really ugly announcements:

1. Across-the-board cuts expected: Toews

2. Local lab services going back to private hands.

I perceived these announcements as incredibly tragic news – try and visualize 11,000 people losing their jobs. Assuming many of these people are married with dependents, imagine the ripple effect of this heartless decision among those families and their communities.

Will there be similar announcements in future? Rest assured there will be. UCP Premier Jason Kenney, Minister Travis Toews and assorted other ministers will be swinging their axes and chopping everything in site as they chant the party line about sound business practices and ensuring Albertans receive cost savings without service reductions. Forget about the human side – they really don’t care.

They will also likely be giggling, maybe even hysterically, about how Albertans won’t remember the UCP platform that stresses, among other things:

– Creating good jobs.

– Getting Alberta back to work.

– Making life better for Albertans

Am I the only person who sees the terrible disconnect between what the UCP promises and what they actually deliver?

Regarding the lab services announcement, I was totally flabbergasted to see this brand new facility apparently coming to the premature end of its life span. Has the paint even dried since it was opened?

This example of Albertans receiving cost savings without service reductions currently sits on AHS’s doorstep, but rest assured, the puppet strings lead to the office of Minister Tyler Shandro.

Again, more wasted money, resources and the disruption of many employees. I’m sure Minister Shandro is copying pages from President Donald Trump’s play book. Essentially the chapter on anything Barack Obama did (read NDP) equals bad and must be changed no matter the consequences. I’m so disgusted!

In closing, I guess as an Albertan I’ll have to start getting used to living the messed-up version of the UCP’s better life until I can do something about it in the next election.

Meantime, I’ll look forward to a couple of things:

– Perhaps participating in more exercises like the Fair Deal Panel (AKA: voter pacification program) where I and other concerned citizens contribute honest feedback which the UCP totally ignore while pursuing their secret agenda.

– Waiting for the pre-determined results of more multi-million-dollar studies or surveys by large accounting companies pondering big questions like whether to retain the services of the RCMP. I’m sure Justice Minister Kaycee Madu is already designing a blue (party colours) serge for his new police force. Trust the new force will also include a Musical Ride – aptly mounted on braying asses.

Tom Simpson

Medicine Hat

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Fedup Conservative
Fedup Conservative
1 month ago

Tom has written a brilliant letter. As former MLAs from the Lougheed era taught me years ago you can’t trust a Reformer. Looking after their own wellbeing and that of their rich friends while spreading lies is what they do best, and boy were they right.
After all the whining about the high cost of health care in this province, and trying to blame it on our doctors and nurses, yet ignoring the fact that it was previous phony conservative governments who created it in the first place they are promising to make the situation a lot worse with privatization and expect Albertans to be dumb enough to accept it.
Now 428 of their ignorant , hand picked followers, mostly seniors from the pictures we have seen, think it’s smart to force a population of 4.3 million into this much more costly system while they watch billions of dollars in oil royalties and taxes breaks given away to their rich friends. Where is the intelligence in that?
We had all better start sending emails to our MLAs stating we have no intention of supporting it.

1 month ago

Well said Tom Simpson, could not agree more!!!!

1 month ago

Paranoia will destroy ya. Lefties and their secret agendas, Trudeau is the king of them.