January 19th, 2021

Mistreating frontline workers is simply unacceptable

By Letter to the Editor on October 14, 2020.

Dear editor,

It is a sad state of affairs when we hear that health care professionals or clerks in businesses are harassed and lambasted for asking people to wear a mask within the facility.

Obscene language and rude remarks seem to be the order of business for these few individuals. However, it places a black mark on our great community.

For this small number of rude and discourteous students, who don’t realize that these frontline workers do not set the requirements, but want to ensure they follow the guidelines set by Alberta Health for the safety of all. It is most troubling that these few individuals want to show these workers that “rules and guidelines” are useless as they step up for blood tests or some kind of liquor, or to pick up groceries and needed goods. 

The health-care professionals and the workers in a business want to keep their jobs and the income it presents for keeping their own families well. They can’t retaliate because they need the income and because they took their jobs and because they loved the work. What a way to take away their pride in being a good employee in service to the public.

School boards, staff, parents and students have stepped up to have facilities ready for learning, which is no easy task. But they have accepted that they have a role to play in ensuring that COVID 19 comes under control as soon as possible. Washing your hands, physical distancing, and wearing masks ensures that they are protected and that they are protecting others. If children can co-operate why can’t these few individuals do the same?

Perhaps these few rude and discourteous individuals need to learn about compassion and caring, both for themselves and for others. I do hope they will change their behaviour sooner than later to help us all win this battle!

Ken Sauer

Medicine Hat

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Fedup Conservative
Fedup Conservative
3 months ago

When you have this clown Trump promoting it in the U.S. and this fake Conservative doing it in Alberta this is what you get.