January 15th, 2021

Local businesses make staying safe and healthy simple

By Letter to the Editor on August 14, 2020.

In this extraordinary time of the pandemic, we’re living a different life than we were five months ago. I am among the more vulnerable sector because of my age and some other health conditions. This is a life-threatening situation for me so I am self-isolating in my home. Now that our communities are opening up, the danger becomes greater so folks like me have to take more precautions.

The very good news is we live in a community where there are so many fine people and businesses that make it possible to protect ourselves. I am so hugely grateful to the businesses that have developed curbside and delivery systems that make it possible for me and many others to continue to live our lives safely and comfortably while we wait for a vaccine to protect us. I get groceries, medications, hardware, take-out food, banking and really anything that I need from Medicine Hat businesses that have organized simple systems to make it possible for me to stay safe. In addition, by staying home, I can help to keep the community safe by staying out of the health care system to cut down the strain.

Using the internet to gather information, make appointments and shop has been a godsend. I’d like to commend the City of Medicine Hat for offering assistance to help local businesses improve their online approach. Through the Business Innovation Grant program, the city is providing up to $1,500 to help local businesses get set up through the recently announced ShopHERE initiative. In a time when it’s so easy to access many worldwide businesses, it imperative that our local businesses find a way to provide the same simple approach for customers.

I think the best thing we can all do is: Stay home to keep safe and help keep our community safe. To lessen the spread, social distance and wear a good mask when we go out, shop locally at businesses that have developed safe systems, use all the virtual systems to stay in contact with others. Stay positive and strong, honor our front-line folks that take such good care of us. We will win this battle together!

Laverne Noble

Medicine Hat

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5 months ago

Fantastic letter Laverne – very well said!!