January 15th, 2021

Let’s have a discussion about ableism

By Letter to the Editor on July 21, 2020.

With all this talk from our politicians about eliminating systematic racism, why do they never talk about systematic ableism?

Many times have people with disabilities been called or been told; “must be off the meds,” “ready for the padded cell,” “get a job,” retard, lazy, fake, cripple, freak, bum and many more names, with some that do not belong in a public forum.

Yet, very few are talking about that.

Hate is hate and I have to question where some people’s hate ends and then begins again.

How can someone support anti-racism and BLM and then say, “Look at that bum scamming AISH?”

Either we defend everyone, or we defend nobody because hate is hate and there are no lines in acceptance.

Lester Landry

Medicine Hat

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