August 5th, 2020

It is time to talk Provincial Sales Tax

By Letter to the Editor on June 26, 2020.

Most of us can appreciate the services that taxes buy, like highways without potholes for example, public schools that welcome every child in the community and a public health care system that won’t bankrupt us when we get sick. Yet, we grumble about paying taxes.

Nonetheless, Alberta is broke again thanks to the collapse of oil prices. Barring a miracle, the good old days of propping up Alberta’s anemic tax system with oil revenues are likely over. Which raises the question; how will Alberta manage it’s latest economic bust? Cuts to government services and infrastructure don’t work, so what do we do now? There’s a better way to balance the books while we dream about higher oil prices.

If you guessed Provincial Sales Tax, you’d be right. Every other province in Canada already uses one. Paying a modest five per cent more for goods and services makes more sense than imposing harmful austerity measures on ordinary Albertans.

Boom or bust, Albertans still need quality public services. A sales tax that protects lower income folks would help eliminate Alberta’s debt and be a significant step in boosting government coffers. It’s time to stop grumbling about taxes and get serious about adopting that long overdue Provincial Sales Tax in Alberta.

Dave Volume


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3 Responses to “It is time to talk Provincial Sales Tax”

  1. chevrier says:

    Spot on Dave, we are no longer the ‘elite’ province we always thought we were! Instead of cutting costs, raising existing taxes lets come into the 90’s, institute a managable 3% PST and work harder at making changes to the federal equalization payments so that 1 province ceases to reap the rewards even though it has a positive budget!

  2. Fedup Conservative says:

    What a wonderful idea guys. While you sit and watch our phony conservative , Reformer , Jason Kenney increase tax breaks for his rich friends and continue to give away our oil royalties you ignore what is being accomplished in Norway and Alaska with proper management of their oil industry.

    What was wrong with Notley’s plan to gradually increase corporate taxes and start increasing royalties in 2021 back up to the Lougheed levels which would have eliminated any need for a sales tax?

    Kenney’s plans for health care will force Albertans into a worse mess and it’s us seniors who will be effected the most.

  3. chevrier says:

    And how many corporation left Alberta during Notley’s term!

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