January 15th, 2021

Please wear a mask

By Letter to the Editor on June 23, 2020.

Medicine Hat News

Things change … a few years ago, it was common and socially acceptable to smoke in public, exposing others to a life-threatening agent.

Today, anyone callous enough to commit such a breach of social conscience is rightfully chastised and considered a pariah. As a result , a major health risk has been mitigated if not eliminated.

A few months ago, it was common and socially acceptable to mingle in public without wearing a mask, which we know today, exposes others to a life threatening agent – Covid -19.

Health Canada and World Health both now clearly state that masks should be worn in public settings such as grocery stores, shopping areas, social gatherings and other mass gatherings (in addition to physical distancing).

Unfortunately, this is not happening – yet, and it is my hope that people will soon realize that, for now not wearing a mask in public is an antisocial and for some, a life threatening act.

Please, for the sake of the vulnerable citizens out there (including your loved ones), be socially responsible and wear a mask in public.

Dr. Ronald W. Witzke

Medicine Hat

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6 months ago

Very professional letter……love the name calling, pariah, antisocial, why not just take a page from Hilarys’ book and use basket of deploreables. You remember that line don’t you.
For one thing, smoking is not allowed in any place of business, parks, etc., and has absolutely nothing to do with a deadly virus which, by the way, was spread rampantly by people travelling to places like China and embarking on cruises where diseases are readily propagated (I’m certain a microbiologist could explain to you how that happens).
It can also be noted, when walking about I’m forced to breathe in the second hand pot smoke wafting from yards and homes, where’s the name calling for that group? Oh, and clouds of vaping with moisture particles. Both of which have their own health demons.
As for the WHO and Health Canada, neither have proclaimed wearing a mask mandatory, so don’t throw that tidbit out there. Perhaps the people who are health comprimised, sick or just concerned should wear the masks. As for a healthy person, not sneezing or coughing, just simply breathing (while social distancing), perhaps you can explain how that is life threatening or antisocial? Where is the literature that indicates it spreads with mouth closed breathing at a six foot distance with no particulates being expelled?
The purpose I suspect you had in mind when writing you’re letter, might have more weight without name calling. I for one, am neither a pariah or antisocial and have been very careful when out and about doing my business.