January 22nd, 2021

Senior expecting answers from provincial government

By Letter to the Editor on June 9, 2020.

I live in Alberta and I am a senior demanding the UCP stop gouging us.

First, I am paying more Alberta tax than last year. Second, I will have to pay $85 for my doctor to initial a form to say I am fit to drive at 84 years of age. This payment is a new Kenney gouge of seniors over 80 who are mandated to have a doctor’s OK every two years.

Since my doctor has all my records on his computer and since I get all my blood work done every two years and since I am not on any prescriptions, then all my doctor has to do is tick off everything. It takes him two minutes to tick off the boxes.

As I am not a rich senior, I have to pay $85 for the privilege to drive my car about 5,000 km per year.

Thank you Mr. Kenney so much for getting rid of the carbon tax for which I received rebates equal to what I paid and for increasing all my taxes, insurance and more.

I expect a reply from you. I hope you don’t ignore my post as I am past your best before age of 82.

Bob Defrain


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7 months ago

Mr. Defrain, just maybe it is time to turn over your keys to the family members who worry daily about the thought of you still driving at your age. Truth be known it would be less expensive for you to cab it rather than pay for fuel, insurance, repairs, registration etc on your vehicle. Give your family some peace of mind Bob! 😊