January 22nd, 2021

More hate is not the answer

By Letter to the Editor on June 9, 2020.

Reading the news articles about all the violence, destruction, chaos, repaying evil with more evil and seeking revenge following the death of George Floyd breaks my heart. People do not know where to take their anger and disappointment so it’s become a free for all in the streets. One young man verbalized so well the turmoil within him when he basically said, “Tell me what else to do and I will get off the street … just tell me what else to do.”

What do we do with all that rage within us? He knew what he was doing was not the answer and it wasn’t going to change anything other than adding insult to injury. He didn’t know what to do with what was boiling over on the inside.

More hate is not the answer. I’m sure we all know that. I’m guessing most do not want to discuss love right now either. So we are left to ponder the question: “what is the answer?”

I think the natural inclination at this point in time is to focus on one group and I think that would not solve the plight of the human condition in the long run. I believe for starters, this one truth we have to come to terms with, believe and live by if anything is ever to change:

All lives matter!

Elayne Goertzen

Medicine Hat

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