February 24th, 2020

Teck Frontier mine a ‘destructive mega-project’

By Letter to the Editor on February 14, 2020.

I don’t want the Teck Frontier to be built. It’s a destructive mega-project that will not only trample Indigenous rights, but also emit six million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year, damage an area of the boreal forest more than twice the size of Vancouver, and threaten unique biodiversity.”

We have fewer than 10 years to limit climate catastrophe and must act quickly to cut carbon emissions.

The mine is incompatible with our climate targets. It will emit approximately 6 megatonnes of carbon emissions per year.

It would result in “significant adverse effects” on the Indigenous rights, and irreversible environmental damage.

The mine would result in a loss of habitat for local species including wood bison and whooping crane.

It will never be financially viable due to its reliance on unrealistically high oil prices.

Janice Neigum

Medicine Hat

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