May 25th, 2020

Plenty of doublespeak on gun control

By Letter to the Editor on February 14, 2020.

OK boys and girls, for the umpteenth time, there is no such thing as an assault weapon. This is a term coined by uneducated gun control advocates and their lazy media acolytes.

There are weapons designed for law enforcement and the military to be used in an assault, along with non-lethal devices and plain old common sense. The term “assault weapon” is doublespeak drivel used to scare the unwashed masses. It’s the same reason the RCMP have a “patrol carbine” not the AR-15 rifle, albeit they are the same rifle wrongly described in the media as again an “assault weapon.”

The AR-15 is owned and used safely and properly by the same groups our minister of public safety lauds with the terms, “law-abiding Canadians” or “respect for those who have adhered to those regulations.”

Just for the record Fish & Wildlife, now known as Sustainable Resources (more doublespeak) will not allow big game hunting with the .223 calibre rifles such as the AR-15.

To quote Edgar Allen Poe, “Believe nothing you hear or read, and only one half that you see.”

Ian Parkinson

Medicine Hat

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