March 29th, 2020

No one voted for cuts to frontline services

By Letter to the Editor on February 13, 2020.

Promise No. 4 of Jason Kenney’s election platform promised to balance the province’s books “without cutting frontline services.” He’s broken that promise on both fronts.

No one voted for cuts to frontline services, but the UCP have already announced the reduction of up to 7,500 health-care workers.

Next year we can look forward to fewer teachers and educational assistants in our children’s classrooms. And if our children are older, tuition is increasing 28% over the course of Jason Kenney’s term of office. No one voted for that either.

Municipal governments across the province are reeling from huge cuts to municipal grants. When they start cutting police, snow clearing, garbage pickup and other services, I’m sure MLA Drew Barnes will blame council. But the blame lies with him and the UCP.

The worst part? Kenney isn’t even balancing the books. The deficit has gone up by $2 billion over what it was under the NDP. Kenney’s own budget says debt levels will be higher under the UCP than planned under the NDP. So expect even more cuts in the future.

Why is that? How can we be getting fewer services and higher debt? Because Kenney decided to give a $4.7 billion tax cut to already profitable corporations. A tax cut that hasn’t created a single new job.

And nobody voted for that.

Morgan (Sam) Ferrier

Medicine Hat

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4 Responses to “No one voted for cuts to frontline services”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    It ‘s what Reformers do. The are well known for spreading lies. Even Ralph Klein called Kenney a liar years ago. Him and Stephen Harper lied to Canadians about the Income Trusts and it cost them dearly. My sister lost $30,000.

  2. Dave Curthoys says:

    Now they are destroying a local non profit program for disadvantaged children and families. Why on earth did we, as Albertan’s vote back in these reformers.

  3. Fedup Conservative says:

    Dave my conservative friends and I are wondering the same thing. There is nothing conservative about them. Looking after their rich friends is a lot more important to them.

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