February 24th, 2020

Turns out the negative picture painted by some was completely false

By Letter to the Editor on February 12, 2020.

After listening to several people paint a very negative picture of a local donation facility, I emailed the manager and stated I would no longer donate to his business. He immediately wrote back and dispelled all the misinformation I had heard and believed. Not only did he provide me with actual facts, he offered a a tour of the operation.

I went and he so very graciously toured me through the facility from start to finish. Very impressed, I apologized for my initial attitude and have since vowed to myself I would never again listen to disturbing comments without fact checking before agreeing or disagreeing with what turned out to be malicious talk.

I am tickled pink with him taking the time to educate me. I, in turn, am changing the attitude of others. Again sir, my apology.

Shannon Hausauer

Medicine Hat

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